Super Subtle

Get this kid some sunglasses so he can do it right!

Meet the Moron-Chef

This has to be the worst cooking show ever!  This gives a whole new meaning to ‘food fight’. Should have grabbed one of the plastic guns in the background instead of crying in the corner.

“Look At Me Now” All In Family Guy Voices!

This is crazy good!  I think the fact this dude looks a bit like Seth MacFarlane helps a

Singer Dives Straight Into The Ground

I’m not sure my favourite part of this video.  It might be when the horrible singer plunges into nothing, or that fact that no one seems to care if she’s hurt or not?!?  Maybe it’s both.

Bench Press: You’re Doing it Wrong

I don’t go to the gym but I still know this guy is not using this equipment properly!

Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

Change of pants?  YES PLEASE!  This is one scary prank, but funny because it happens to someone else!  Enjoy!


Warning: Your jaw may drop while watching this video and you may look like and idiot in front of your co-workers. Totally worth it though!

Dad Owns Kid With Free Kick!

Amazing that with a net that big, someone that small can make the save.

Rythmic gymnastics just got a lot cooler

Wow, I didn’t know that gymnastics could be this hot…

Party like it’s 1932

I know people in their 30’s that can’t pull something like this off.  This dude is 80!