The Most Epic Dog Video In History

Dogs + “Inception” music = this epic video!

Goliath 1 David 0

Personally I am a big fan of the underdog, but in this video the underdog never had a chance!

Face it, this game is not for you!

Not sure how this play could have ended any worse than this.

Black Friday at a Dollar Store

Probably some of the best deals to be found on Black Friday were at this store!

No Way!

I have seen it and I still don’t believe it! This is unreal.

Heartwarming awesomeness

A look at all the positive in the world through the eyes of security cameras. Warning: may bring tears to your eyes!

How to pick up chicks at the gym

Crap, I think we’ve all been doing it wrong.  This guy is onto something!

Super Subtle

Get this kid some sunglasses so he can do it right!

Meet the Moron-Chef

This has to be the worst cooking show ever!  This gives a whole new meaning to ‘food fight’. Should have grabbed one of the plastic guns in the background instead of crying in the corner.

“Look At Me Now” All In Family Guy Voices!

This is crazy good!  I think the fact this dude looks a bit like Seth MacFarlane helps a