Gordon Ramsay: How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Gordon Ramsay shows you how to cook a perfect steak in just a couple minutes and makes it look easy.

The Best Trained Dog You’ll See Today

My dog can’t do one of these tricks. This is quite impressive, all he has to learn to do if fetch a beer. http://youtu.be/i02RXXmP9kM

Siberian Husky arguing

He does as he is told most of the time, but every now and then he likes to rebel.

Happy Gilmore In Action

Wait for it…it’s worth it! http://youtu.be/cVqY9x0ATxk

Measuring Your Dumbness With A Ruler

This week on Distort, we are measuring how slow (and dumb) humans are, in centimeters.

Anchorman – 8 Bit Cinema

We present for your enjoyment: Anchorman retold via old-school 8-bit (well a little bit 16-bit 🙂 game tech.

Trout For Dinner

One might say this man is Catching trout organically.  Take that Bear Grylls!

Extreme Girl

This might be one of the most daring stunts I have ever seen.  This girl has no fear, just one wrong step…FOCUS!

Is This Harder Than a Hole in One?

Anyone who golfs needs to appreciate the size of this volunteers, um…just watch it!  Crazy! http://youtu.be/7dcuXDy-ELQ

Show Off Fail

One cool guy, in one cool car has one cool crash!  This is so cool. http://youtu.be/w-or-DTqMd8