Best Beatboxer Ever?

This is Ball-Zee from the UK and he might just be the best beatboxer in the world.  What do you think?

‘Hail’ of a Storm

Sure, we’ve all seen hail before, but I am willing to bet you haven’t seen hail like this.

Fail Scooter Riding Leads to Epic Win

The reaction says it all!  “Oh yeah!”  This works out better than planned for this young boy.

How a face changes depending on lighting.

It seems a little silly, but it’s hard to stop watching this one.

Russian man…doing what?

Okay, this one is a bit far fetched for me. What do you think?

Coors Light Refreshes A Pool

On a hot afternoon in South Florida, Coors Light placed cameras around an ordinary pool and surprised people with refreshment in an epic way.

5 Easy Bar Tricks

5 easy bar tricks you can learn in minutes… hey girl!

Biker Mum

Easy Lamb Roast is so easy it turns anyone into a mum. Very Funny!  

Parking win

A video that makes you wonder why every car doesn’t have this!

Family Guy/King of the Hill Intro

Two great shows coming together in one awesome and very funny intro!