Is This Harder Than a Hole in One?

Anyone who golfs needs to appreciate the size of this volunteers, um…just watch it!  Crazy!

Show Off Fail

One cool guy, in one cool car has one cool crash!  This is so cool.

Gas Station FAIL!

Surveillance video shows a woman thrown in the air and gas gushing from a broken hose after a couple steals some gas. Not quite as smooth as they planned it I’m sure.

The Ring – Wake Up Prank

How would you react to a ghost coming out of the TV trying to grab hold of you.

Puppy vs. Dandelion

Charlie a 10 week keeshound puppy battle with dandelion.

The Snapchat Song

Another App has lost its appeal, but it sure makes for a very entertaining song.

Va Va Voom – Wait For It!

Watch as two unsuspecting guys take the new Renault Clio out for a test drive with extra VA VA VOOM!

Impractical Jokers : Defending Against Bullies

Joe and Murr give some expert self defense instruction when dealing with bullies.

10 year old chess master

This is an impromptu blitz game played between Samuel Sevian and Greg Shahade (an International Master of chess) at a break during a US Chess School.  

Fireworks Explosion

SIMI Valley Fireworks Screw Up and last less than 3 minutes on 4th of July 2013