A man and his…Lions?

This is shocking! The most amazing thing you may see today. This guy is my hero.

Drunk Daddy Drums

It would appear as if nothing could wake this drunk dad…I mean nothing! http://youtu.be/Mvxwc66P4CU

Germans Can’t Say Squirrel

Come on, Germans. You can do it, it’s such a simple word. http://youtu.be/aMgL6V80FOw

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” blooper

I’m sure anyone would be nervous on national television, but let’s hope we never do anything this embarrassing.

No Sex for You!

This is why playing video games with your friends is a much better idea than playing with your girlfriend.

World’s Fastest Slip ‘n Slide

Riding a 280m long backyard Slip ‘n’ Slide with a world record up for grabs for the fastest 100m slide. Crazy!

Hilarious Costco Prank

Impractical Jokers are at it again.  This time they play the part of Costco employees that have to say and do what they are told! http://youtu.be/o4GG_ZUJtcE

The Ultimate Kindergarten Dance Off

Little kids with some impressive moves.  Yeah, but can either of them do the Charleston?

Longest Bone in the Human Body?

Wait, WHAT? Did she really just say that?

AWESOME 2013 – Best of Web

Enjoy four and a half minutes of amazing!  Amazing people, amazing animals and amazing stunts!