Lady Shows You How To Clean Your Bike

Finally, a tutorial you don’t mind watching! *Warning: SEXY*

Paying it Forward

A short video reminding us all that it never hurts to help someone in need!  Get a tissue…

A true Russian doesn’t need hammer

This crazy Russian seems well trained in hammer a nail only with his hand!

Funny Football Names

Meet the flamboyant players of the East/West Collegiate Bowl.

Basketball Dunk FAIL

Friends really should let friends dunk drunk. *Explicit Language*

Simple Magic for Anyone

Carl-Einar Häckner shares a simple and very funny magic trick that anyone can do.

Darth Vader Voiced By Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Voices Darth Vader (Episodes IV, V, VI)

Walken Reads ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga

It’s even funnier than you are thinking it will be…trust me!

Flirting Psychic Prank

So…where does this woman work?

Friday The 13th Prank

Warning: Very Dangerous Prank!!  Do Not Attempt!