Double KO

14 second double knockout!  AWESOME!

iPad vs. Paper

The iPad has replaced paper in so many ways, but not in every way!

Epic Fail

I think everyone but the guy trying this trick knows what is going to happen.  Still lots of fun to watch!

Exploding Basketball

Did you know this was even possible?  What a sound it makes, could pass for a gun shot no problem.

Celebration gone wrong!

A quick lesson in why you don’t drench your coach with water on the basketball court like you do on the football field. *explicit language*

Wedgie Fail

Girl jumps a fence that clearly reads “no climbing”, ends up getting wedgied and tearing her shorts during blink-182’s set at Melbourne Soundwave Festival 2013.

Don’t quit your day job

Hooters employee working as a ballgirl at a baseball game in Florida had no idea she was interrupting live play. Do we really care?

I Want My Nose

How quickly we lose this innocence. This is adorable.

Talented Staff

Footlocker staff showing off their sport skills whilst serving customers.

Classy Cat

This cat pulls off a couple very impressive moves. This cat is all class.