Insane Pool Trickshots

Some people think this is fake, but I don’t see how it could possibly be fake.  You decide.

Is that Bob Marley?

This guy performs an incredible cover of Bob Marley on The Voice in Holland.

Tyson – Destroyer In Prime

Young Mike Tyson’s furious path from his first professional fight to unbelievable WBC title match against Trevor Berbick. He really was incredible.

Amazing Illusionist

This is Kevin James and what he does on stage is hard to believe and hard to stop watching.

Muay Thai Baby

This is one kid you won’t want to mess with in school…

Tipping Servers $200

Waiters in Utah make 2.13/hr. This guy went around to some of the diners late one night and gave them a little extra!

Lady Shows You How To Clean Your Bike

Finally, a tutorial you don’t mind watching! *Warning: SEXY*

Paying it Forward

A short video reminding us all that it never hurts to help someone in need!  Get a tissue…

A true Russian doesn’t need hammer

This crazy Russian seems well trained in hammer a nail only with his hand!

Funny Football Names

Meet the flamboyant players of the East/West Collegiate Bowl.