Kitten or Goat?

So we’ve had goats that sound like humans. We’ve had humans sounding like goats that sound like humans.  Now, I introduce to you to the cat that sounds like a goat!

“You got no Ice Cream”

Odds are he asked her if she wanted some when they were at the counter and she said no.  This always happens.

Yep, that’s talent!

This Russian pole dancer wants the world to know what she can do, and for men everywhere I say THANK YOU!

Social Farting

Does Farting Socially Make it Okay? Farting makes point about social smoking for Canada’s Ministry of Health.

Slow-Mo Bridge Demolition

The old steel bridge across the Colorado River in Marble Falls, TX goes down! Shot by Kirk Drummond and Mike Mitra of Austin on a RED Epic camera at 300 frames per second – SLOOOOOO-MOOOOOO.

50 Common Misconceptions

Debunking 50 common misconceptions that most people have about topics such as vikings, exploding birds and peanut butter.

Crying Flower Girl

I don’t think this is what she was supposed to do, but I think I like it better!

This Girl Rocks!

8-Year-Old Guitarist Makes Us All Look Bad.

World’s Strongest Kids

No one messes with these kids on the playground.

St. Patrick’s Day [through Google Glass]

One mans crazy St Patrick’s Day weekend, [through Google Glass]. *Explicit Language*