I Want My Nose

How quickly we lose this innocence. This is adorable.

Talented Staff

Footlocker staff showing off their sport skills whilst serving customers.

Classy Cat

This cat pulls off a couple very impressive moves. This cat is all class.

Two amazing dances

A dubstep robot that will take your breath away and a mascot that knows how to use his outfit to pull off some incredible moves.  There’s no thinking, these two dudes know they can dance!

The Face-Plant Finale

It is safe to assume this is not how the show was supposed to end, but it is definitely a memorable way to close it out!


Proof that mother nature doesn’t care how good you look in that bikini!

I don’t think the gym is for you!

I know I shouldn’t be lifting weights, so I don’t.  These people still have a lot to learn in this workout fail compilation. http://youtu.be/v6CZbjiRHsM

So, you used to date?

There has to have been some history between these two because this BURN seems personal!

Skateboarding insanity!

William Spencer shreds like no skateboarder I have ever seen, check this out!

Family Feud Fails

A montage of the worst, funniest, and most disturbing answers given during Family Feud’s 35+ year history.