Post-it Note Arcade

This stop motion tribute to old school arcade games is based on actual recorded game footage. This must have taken FOREVER to make!

Take That Swim Cap

Frustrated by your swim cap?  This is the fastest and easiest way to get that annoying swim cap on your head.  

Long drive champion vs. golf simulator

Totally a “What the hell did you think would happen?” moment.

Insane Landing

This video catches a crazy plane landing that will make you wonder if it’s real or fake!

Talking Cat

This cat does not want to have a bath and tells it’s owner by speaking English.

A face only a mother could love

This looks like a bacon dream!

How To Annoy Your Ex On Facebook

For The Win is back with more awesome tips on how to succeed at life! This week we teach you the ins and outs of pissing off your ex-girlfriend using social media.

Ladder Master

Climbing a ladder faster than you can fall off on.

Take That Mom!

This baby says all he needs to say and he can’t even talk yet!  

Everything Wrong With ‘Life of Pi’ In 4 mins

Even Oscar-winning movies have sins. Here are all the sins found in Ang Lee’s ‘Life Of Pi’.