Black Belt Test

I am not 100% sure what this art form is, but I think in Europe they call in Flailing. Looks tough to master this art form.

Record Blob Jump

Check out these stuntmen get launched in the air and break the world record for a person being launched by a trampoline.

Nailed it!

Meet Big Steve and his very special talent with nails.

Breaking Bad as a Romantic Comedy

A re-edit of Breaking Bad as a modern romantic comedy. I’d still watch it!

Grownup Playground

Experience the obstacle course that makes grownups laugh and cry, in a Hit and Run 5K.

Family Feud Blooper – Starts with ‘T’

Fast Money — “Name a part of the body that starts with T.” Yep, he says it!


They can’t guarantee that they’ll do anything, but they do¬†guarantee they will do something! CALL DERRICK AND DALE TODAY! 801-555-DOIN

Rescued Baby Hummingbird

This is a baby hummingbird that was rescued by this young man and raised by him after it was attacked.

OCD Poetry

Get some tissues and buckle-up!  This is a ride you NEED TO GO ON!

Breaking Bad’s Walter White Speaks – ‘My Way’

Here’s what Walter White sounds like performing Frank Sinatra’s classic song “My Way”.