So this is real – Miss Bum Bum

At Miss Bum Bum 2013 in Brazil, Daisy chats with contestants and photographers ‘behind’ the scenes about this unique event.

Animals Stealing Food

When animals want your food, they are very creative when it comes to getting it!

‘Nothing’ to see here

The band ‘Patty’ is going viral after they performed their new song “Krzyk” and guitarist Angelika Fajcht (who was actually in Playboy) looks like she is performing without any pants and also doesn’t seem to be playing the guitar at all.

Gold Digging

An answer to the question, “Do women really care about money?”  This video speaks for itself.

Will Smith’s 2.5 Million Dollar Trailer

I know if I made $20 million a movie, I would also own a kick ass trailer like this!

Best DJ Ever (wait ’till the end)

Clearly this man has some skills that not every DJ is blessed with. Wait for it…

Really cool costume ideas

Here are more than 17 costume ideas so you won’t have to dress up as a ghost again!

Hanks and Bullock recreate ‘Big’ piano scene

Tom Hanks re-enacts a classic moment from his 1988 classic “Big” along with some help from actress Sandra Bullock.

Scary Headless Man Prank

Depending how ugly this man was, I’m not sure having no head is actually the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!?

Man Vs Kite, Kite Wins

I’m doing it, I’m really doing it…oh no…