Two Yellow Jackets Throw Down

These two Yellow Jackets went at it for over 20 minutes. No idea why.

Boyfriend Ruins Video Resume

Not sure what is the best part of this video.  I think it’s the Batman underwear but I’m not 100% sure.

Not in My House!

Seems like everyone is trying their hand at the Cup Song these days, but this girls little brother is not having it!

National Geographic – The 80s on a Rubik’s Cube

As if the 80’s weren’t cool enough, wait ’till you see it all on a Rubik’s cube.

How to destroy a car in 25 seconds

3 teenage girls in the car just pulling into a neighbor’s driveway to pick-up during carpool when something goes horribly wrong.

Thrift shop hoop dance

Hooping to a catchy tune.  You’re welcome everyone!  

Dirty Job?

Best Answer Steve’s Ever Heard! – Family Feud.

Adam Sandler Really Wants To See Shaq’s Junk

You read that right…he may not be on the top of his game, but you wouldn’t know it based on this interview!

Pass On The Grass And Crash

Let this be a warning to all people who think they can break any driving law they want!

Touching Touchdown

7yr Old Jack Hoffman has brain cancer but it doesn’t stop him from scoring a 69 yard touchdown in this 2013 Nebraska Spring Game.  Is someone chopping onions?