Gym Prank: That’s My Machine Bro!

What would you do if someone interrupted your workout and just took over the machine you were using? I’d laugh!

News Anchor vs Weather Lady on Live TV

Sexy news anchor Nicole Brewer is feisty on Live TV, and it’s fun to watch!

One Wipe Charlies

One Wipe Charlies: The softest, cleanest, fastest manliest way to handle your business. Video Source:

Sad Dog Diary

First was the Sad Cat Diary and now, as requested, the sad thoughts of sad dogs 🙁   Click here to watch Sad Cat Diary

Taylor Swift Caption Fail

It’s no secret that the captions on YouTube are not perfect so these guys sang the Youtube Captions of some of Taylor Swift’s most famous songs. They actually sound a bit better!

Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art

This week Chris takes on the classic NES game Duck Hunt and nails it!

Singing the Beatles with Dad

This 2 year old rocks out with his dad.

Dads Deserve Better

Father’s Day is nearly upon us. For countless Dads around the globe, so are the typical bad gifts that come year after year. This year get dad what he really wants.

Cymbal Fail – Great Recovery

This kid panics for just one second when he breaks his symbol in the middle of the Star Spangled Banner, but he covers like a true pro!

Flying on a Broomstick

Could this possibly become the next big internet craze?