Car Flip Fail Becomes Unintentional Win

Considering how badly this could have turned out, it really is quite an epic win!

Bruce Lee Demonstrates Kung Fu

Bruce Lee really was a nice guy as you can see in this video. You can also see just how dangerous a nice guy can be!

Ultimate Fight Me Prank

I know it wouldn’t be all that funny if it happened to you, but it sure is funny when it happens to other people!

128,000 Firecrackers

Not sure if there are actually that many, but it’s a lot of firecrackers going off at the same time!

POV Crane Climb

This guy is crazy! When asked why he went up there to die, he replied:”I didn’t go up there to die. I went up there to live.”

Little Girl Loves Eating Raw Onions

If you think chopping onions makes you cry, this video will REALLY make you cry.

French Open Flare-up

A topless man runs onto the tennis court with a flare in hand during the 2013 Nadal VS Ferrer French Open Final.

Challenge Accepted

Comedian Kristen Schaal challenges an audience member to do better than her on stage.  Careful what you wish for!

Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea Lion

This video is adorable. Almost makes you wish you could have a sea lion as a pet! I would take this one.  

Ball 2 or 2 Balls?

Cal State Fullerton’s Austin Kingsolver only got two plate appearances in yesterday’s game against Arizona State, and he probably wishes that he could have skipped the first one.