When Rednecks Get Bored

Welcome to the first installment of, “When Rednecks Get Bored!” Today’s episode is titled, “One Big Ball, Four Small Brains”

Drunk People Slideshow

Don’t laugh too hard at these, one day it might be you in the picture!  

Hands free Whopper holder

Have you ever been mowing the lawn and think “If I could only eat a Whopper while doing this…” Well with the new hands free Whopper holder, you can!

Homer Simpsons – A photo every day

Homer Simpson takes a photo of himself every day of his life. It explains so much. http://youtu.be/pieSiqKtk98

More! More Scratching!

Now this is one very happy cat who just can’t get enough scratches.

Will Smith Making Noises – Supercut

Ever noticed that Will Smith makes a lot of noise? Naw? Well now you do.

Meet Cody The Screaming Dog

If you’ve seen the screaming goat videos then you are going to absolutely love this screaming dog!

Titanic SUPER 3D

A fake trailer for Titanic 3D, as seen by the great action directors of our time. It’s quite a different film than the real one.


Looking for a new exercise program? Well, put on your Sunday’s best, grab your ankle weights, and get ready to prance yourself into shape! Yes, this might be the dumbest thing you have ever seen!

Sleep Driving

This little kid is sleep driving on his little Tonka truck. Doesn’t he know how dangerous this is?