Fake Lotto Ticket Prank

Want to see how people would react when someone wins a lotto ticket in public, while in a wheelchair?  It might make you sick!

Best Beatboxer Ever?

This is Ball-Zee from the UK and he might just be the best beatboxer in the world.  What do you think?

‘Hail’ of a Storm

Sure, we’ve all seen hail before, but I am willing to bet you haven’t seen hail like this. http://youtu.be/0Win0P9U7Ac

Fail Scooter Riding Leads to Epic Win

The reaction says it all!  “Oh yeah!”  This works out better than planned for this young boy.

How a face changes depending on lighting.

It seems a little silly, but it’s hard to stop watching this one.

Russian man…doing what?

Okay, this one is a bit far fetched for me. What do you think?

Coors Light Refreshes A Pool

On a hot afternoon in South Florida, Coors Light placed cameras around an ordinary pool and surprised people with refreshment in an epic way. http://youtu.be/BH5izi4n7GE

5 Easy Bar Tricks

5 easy bar tricks you can learn in minutes… hey girl!

Biker Mum

Easy Lamb Roast is so easy it turns anyone into a mum. Very Funny!  

Parking win

A video that makes you wonder why every car doesn’t have this!