Big guy vs water bottle

A muscular fan meets his match in the form of a stubborn water bottle at Citi Field. Epic fail!

11 Things You NEED To Do Before Summer Ends

Driver’s Ed Is For Suckers

With all those knobs and pedals, cars can be confusing beasts to master.

‘Harry Highpants’ the Funny Umpire

Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 — Harry Highpants sure is crazy!

Oculus Rift Roller Coaster

If you don’t like roller coasters and you’ve had a few drink, this is how you will react! *Explicit Language*

Panhandler Pranks Entire Subway Car

Safe to say this is not something you ever expect to see happen on your subway ride.

Twisted Sisters, Hope and Rosey

English Springers, sisters Hope and Rose, spin for their dinnertime!

BROmance in Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Hypnotist makes two strangers fall in love and dance it out on stage.

Ron Weasley Sings Happy Birthday To Harry Potter

Drunk Ron Weasley (played by Simon Pegg) visits Jimmy Fallon to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Meets Parkour in Real Life

This video brings the Assassin’s Creed video to life with some epic parkour.