Bull Terrier puppy vs. crab

Bull Terrier puppy vs. crab in the ultimate showdown of cuteness. http://youtu.be/W1kVLUEYsGw

Halloween News Blooper Compilation

Sometimes you need to scare the crap out of reporters. It’s just better that way. *Explicit Language* http://youtu.be/mYRZhADv3h0

Archer – Danger Zone

Archer proves he’s Top Gun. http://youtu.be/_7HkG6OSo3E

Unicyclist Jumps Over Ravine

Handlebars? Where we’re going we don’t need handlebars. http://youtu.be/IshR07sQ6tg

Fallon, Miley & The Roots Sing “We Can’t Stop”

Jimmy, Miley, and The Roots perform an a cappella version of “We Can’t Stop.”

We’ve all been there

You have to listen to this kids hilarious conversation with himself in the bathroom. http://youtu.be/PmzqSvRyfdY

Magnet in fat copper pipe

I don’t know why, but this is so cool to watch.

Learning To Ride A Bike Is Hard

Almost got it, almost got it, don’t got it. http://youtu.be/1DlKvWECpzk

Dodge Durango | Ron Burgundy | “Staring Contest”

No matter how much we might want to, riding around on majestic steeds just isn’t a viable option anymore. Which is why Ron Burgundy stands behind the 2014 Dodge Durango.

Remember (Breaking Bad) *Spoiler Alert*

These words are spoken by Walt in Season 3 Episode 8. They closely resemble scenes from the series finale. *Spoiler Alert*