DIY Red Bull

Two guys in Brooklyn make their own energy drink. Here’s how.

World’s Largest Rope Swing

If you are scared of heights this is not for you.  If you are not scared of heights this might be one of the coolest things EVER!


This PSA covers in detail how to properly pee in a public pool.

SNL actors breaking character

On Saturday Night Live, everyone eventually corpses during a scene. Even Will Ferrell, and especially Jimmy Fallon.

The GrOpener

The GrOpener. Just grab the bottle and it’s opened!  Why did this take so long to make?

10 Life Hacks

10 amazing tips and tricks you can use to impress your friends, and make your summer a little easier.

Smack Cam

The squeal when he runs away really makes this work.  No one wants to be on smack cam!

Some Sweet Beatboxing

This dude has some serious beatboxing skills. How could you not give this guy some money?

The GPS Prank

Technology never ceases to amaze and insult.

Library Burping Prank

Who doesn’t want to know how the general public would react to someone burping in their face in a public library!?