Slow-Mo Bridge Demolition

The old steel bridge across the Colorado River in Marble Falls, TX goes down! Shot by Kirk Drummond and Mike Mitra of Austin on a RED Epic camera at 300 frames per second – SLOOOOOO-MOOOOOO.

50 Common Misconceptions

Debunking 50 common misconceptions that most people have about topics such as vikings, exploding birds and peanut butter.

Crying Flower Girl

I don’t think this is what she was supposed to do, but I think I like it better!

This Girl Rocks!

8-Year-Old Guitarist Makes Us All Look Bad.

World’s Strongest Kids

No one messes with these kids on the playground.

St. Patrick’s Day [through Google Glass]

One mans crazy St Patrick’s Day weekend, [through Google Glass]. *Explicit Language*

Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Putting the “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” kiss to the test.

Don’t Mess with a Street Performer

You think it’s funny to give a street performer a wet-willy? Here’s what happens when you do!

Hairball Techno

Cats Chucking to Techno…funnier than you would think!

Human Slingshot

Spring is coming and before you know it Summer will be here. Here’s a small reminder of what you have to look forward to!