Fox & MSNBC Street Fight

The ratings battle is going to have to get settled in the streets. Real or Fake?

Friendly Dating Advice

Sometime we give our friends too much credit, especially when it comes to dating!

Did that guy just…no way?

Wait for it!  This might be one of the most impressive things you have ever seen!  

Star Wars Informercials

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…there were infomercials! *Explicit language*

How to Report the News

An incredible parody of your regular television news report. *Explicit language*  

Pitbull Really Wants That Stick

A dog in Russia attempting to bull down a branch by any means.

Treadmill Dance

Wouldn’t recommend this, but I bet it’s a great workout.  It’s also very funny to watch.  

Boost Mobile-Shrinko de Mayo

A great commercial from Boost Mobile about one of the best Mexican Wrestlers of all time.

Classic Fishing Bloopers

This blooper reel makes you wonder if this guy ever gets anything right. Watch to the end, you won’t regret it!

Wrong Week

Don’t lie, we’ve all said this one too many times.