Benny Hill Rave

If this is how every rave actually went down, I’d go to one!

Lamborghini Karma

When you drive like an idiot, karma will get you!

Farting For the Homeless

It’s too easy to hand people money, and these homeless people don’t seem to care where it’s coming from.

Spinning Ball Trick Shot!

I’m not sure how this shot is even possible. Is this even real?

#1 Fan

A fan in the Houston crowd catches a Hakeem Olajuwon-autographed ball and passes it along to a child.

Oculus Rift Preview

I’m sure everyone found it a little weird that Facebook bough Oculus Rift. Here is a hilarious look at what gaming could be like now!

Don’t Shoot!

Some stuff just doesn’t like being shot at. This tree is quick to get its revenge.

Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi surprises commuters waiting at a bus stop in London with an augmented reality screen that shows some unusual events occurring right before their eyes.

Horrifying Car Fire: Real or Fake?

Real or fake, the lesson we should all take from this is never play with fire in your car. *Explicit Language*

Creepy Street Artist

This is the kind of performer you pay just to get away from you!