Lollipop Street Artist

You won’t believe what this dude made with his mouth! Real or Fake?

Homeless Got Talent

This awesome homeless man may not have any teeth but he does have a very unique talent!

Bully gets owned

Now this is how you deal with a bully.

The Somersby Store

An incredible and very funny ad from Somersby Cider in the UK.

Best Video Game EVER!

Whether you are into video games or not, this looks like a cool game!  

Book Store Freak Out!

This woman goes crazy in a book store for not having the book she wants.  Mad props to the employee for keeping his cool because this gets very awkward.  

It’s an Illusion

This is awesome stuff, enjoy!  

Brain Freeze Contest FAIL

A brain freeze contest sure seems harmless enough, but that’s a lot of sugar.  It doesn’t end well for one of these people. *explicit language*  

People of Walmart – Music Video

An ode to those crazy people we see while shopping at Walmart!

Unfortunate Name for Play by Play

Listen carefully and you sill see just what’s wrong with this play by play.