Overly Attached Jokes

The Overly Attached Girlfriend returns with some of the worst jokes you will ever hear in your life. So bad, they are kind of funny!

Incredible Illusion

This is amazing!  First I thought it was real, then I thought it was fake and now I think it’s real again. YOU DECIDE!

No Problem

Incredibly simple stuff made to look incredibly difficult…or is it the other way around?

These glutes are made for walkin’…

This is completely hypnotizing and hilarious at the same time.

Follow me on Twitter

Taking the saying ‘Follow me on Twitter’ literally.  The Twitter bird follows random people everywhere! *explicit language*

You’ve Got Mail!

Postman owns little kid in this harsh but funny video.

Remember 1999?

A nostalgia trip to the year 1999. Can you remember it all?

Russian Road Rage!

Remember this video if you are ever driving in Russia. http://youtu.be/Cu0vyMbd9mo?t=20s

Street Music

Troubadours KassemG and NicePeter sing street ballads to the unwashed masses. *Explicit language*

Mirror vs. Head

Knocked a mirror off with his head, no big deal!