Miss Utah- Education Better

Miss Utah talking about education and what not…FAIL! http://youtu.be/r8E008jUbX8

Air-hockey Robot – Real or Fake?

Namiki Lab (Chiba University) has developed an intelligent air-hockey robot system that can estimate your playing strategy and change its own to keep things interesting.

If Dating was like Reddit

Why doesn’t dating work like the rest of the world?

Evil Hamster

When Hamsters attack, humans film it!  Oh Russia, thanks for another great video!

Adult Wolf with Jack Black and Kyle Gass

World Premiere of Jack Black & Kyle Gass’ New Basketball Movie.

Star Wars Elevator Prank

Having fun with the lovely students at King’s College London (KCL) with the force.

Best Amusement Park Ever

The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides.  

Hip Hop Father’s Day

This one is for all the dad’s out there!  Thanks for being so awesome.

The Intervention of a Twerkaholic

Twerk addiction gone wrong!. Watch this hilarious intervention of a white suburban girl addicted to twerking. http://youtu.be/2Yz_MS4jxNo

Super slow motion ninja

Bulgarian World champion gymnast and stunt woman Stella Angelova in a Promo spot for IDT camera. At a normal speed it is under 4 seconds long.