An unexpected moment on the morning commute

The slow realization…

What do dogs see when they watch TV?

Some dogs just seem to love watching TV. But are they really watching what we see?

If your friends hated everything like they hate sports

We apply the logic used to criticize sports to criticize EVERYTHING.

Trombone silliness with a GoPro

David Finlayson set out to make a GoPro video with his trombone and ended up with a surprise – a viral video with hits numbering over one million!

How to make the perfect snowball

Winter is here, which means it’s time to ambush your friends in an epic snowball fight. But what makes the perfect snowball?

Cool time lapse of a guy building a log cabin from scratch by hand

We’ve got a new contender for manliest man.

Bowling can’t get much worse than this

“My score isn’t great, so my only hope is to destroy the scoreboard.”

This is the most impressive paper airplane EVER!

Using only paper and glue, designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has built the most incredible model of a Boeing 777 on a 1/60 scale.

Guy sinks it in Keurig from across the room!

How lame is your party where this becomes the entertainment?!

Jurassic Park but in different eras

Good thing they chose the Jurassic period.