Walmart yodeling kid

Sick of this kid yet? Us either  

Weird Al does an amazing cover of “Rebel Yell”

“Weird” Al is known for his parodies, but he can also rock out a regular cover, too.

Dad gets baby to sleep with boring job

sorry buddy

Swans chasing people at a German castle

Swans can be mean and this is funny

Cats try to pass each other on a narrow piece of door moulding

Two cats are stuck, but there is always a way out

Macaw shushing another bird who’s being too noisy

This talking macaw wants to be the only one heard

Teenage instructional video- Turning off the lights

This is required viewing for every teenager ever.

Casio predicted the future

Casio was on the cutting edge of texting and emojis… all the way back in 1994.

Watching a laser etch a coin is extremely cool and satisfying

Lasers can etch an incredible amount of detail in a very short period of time.

Rick Astley himself “rick rolls” weather reporter

Brandon gets a special surprise by Rick Astley while giving his weather report.