Cops will pull you over for literally anything

Stop resisting his love!

Do you suffer from PAR*ENT*ING?

Do you suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue, and Moana on repeat? If so, you may need AphukenbrakE. Oh, and say “AphukenbrakE” to yourself out loud. Yeah, language warning on this one.

When your roller coaster stops mid track

You head-bang for momentum!

BMX Biker straightens up a pile of traffic cones

There’s no way this ends well, right? A post shared by Daniel Bungay (@bungayeahh) on Jan 27, 2018 at 4:23am PST

Why you don’t put liquid dish soap in the dish washer

Okay, show of hands. Who did this in college?

RC Car speeding on a highway

That was his exit apparently.

That bro who thinks he’s ripped

One bodily delusion and a terrible, terrible accident. Oh and heads up, brief inoffensive NSFW language warning.

Awesome: Sheep dog enjoys some ice cream

It’s the little indulgences

This racing truck has crazy good suspension

The suspension on this truck can’t have been cheap.

This looks like a fun way to clear snow off your roof

A couple guys in Japan’sĀ Gifu Prefecture woke up to find their home covered in a massive snow blanket. So they found a fun way to knock it down.