Dog jump roping as 2 other dogs turn the rope

Here’s some REAL talent! They say no cheering on press row, but I was really rooting for Scruffy to nail the second attempt. Awesome. — Ryan Young (@RyanYoungSEC) March 3, 2018

You shouldn’t depend on a drone to film your proposal

You fly to Iceland for a special trip and to propose to your girlfriend, with your trusty drone along for the ride to film the big moment. And then it lets you down, literally.

How much damage can an earthquake do?

Earthquakes are awful, but just how bad are they?

Standoff between doggo and fish

There can only be one winner…

Standing under a low Blue Angel takeoff

This would be pretty exhilarating in person!

Stadium Super Truck racing is our new favourite sport!

Super truck racing is pretty exciting, but this last lap from a race in Australia over the weekend really distills what’s different about it, with some big jumps and big crashes.

Timelapse of the entire universe

In case you were wondering.

How to fit a round peg into a square hole, explained using math

Just because the hole isn’t wide enough, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a large enough area.

Two dudes at a party

The accuracy of some of these statements is hilarious.

Mountain biker and his dog speeding through the woods

Another reason why doggo’s are the best!