Female gospel singer or guitar?

This guy makes his guitar sound like a female gospel singer.

1988 Aerobic Championships

That’s a whole lotta spandex…

“Star Wars”, but with Cardi B

All of the sound effects done with Cardi B’s voice over.

Toy car goes super fast

We’ve never seen a toy car travel this fast

Michael Jackson’s drummer performs “Smooth Criminal”

This is extremely chill and, dare we say it… smooth.

Real life Grand Theft Auto

Don’t try this ever.. but it’s pretty cool  

Runner learns mid-interview he won gold

He’s so happy, he does the one thing he does best… run.

Dog freezes at the vet

Dog freezes in place whenever he goes to the vet

Google Assistant making a phone call

How will we know if we’re talking to a robot or not?

Timeout performance with mascot

State football games are next level