Boomerang trick shots

Taking boomerangs to the next level!

Samurais on jetpacks

Japan invents fully functioning jetpack so that Samurais could fight mid-air

How to shoot an anvil 200 feet into the air

But don’t try this at home

They call that the Canadian shortcut

This is pretty impressive. Snowmobiler jumps the entire intersection  

Vertical jump test winner

Athlete floats in mid-air during his vertical jump test

The world’s most crowded island

This might look difficult to us, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

$1 piano verses $1,000 piano

Can you tell the difference?

Shower head installation fail

This is not how a shower head is supposed to work

Dog howling at flute playing

I can’t tell if the dog is singing along or begging her to stop?

Truck ignores “Low Bridge” sign

Probably not his finest moment