This is how you dance to electro- swing

These moves are mesmerizing

How to pronounce Worcestershire sauce?

That sounds about right

Wait, this is how the Internet works?!

We had no idea!  

Gorilla steals woman’s hat

Gorilla steals woman’s hat and casually starts wearing it

Little boy saying “Harry Potter”

This will kick you right in the LOLs  

Cat has a meltdown when owner disappears

What?! Where did he go? No really, we are confused too

Playing ping pong with a dog

Smeagol hates Halloween

This sphynx  “cat” is named appropriately

1991 Bubble Tape commercial

A gym teacher and lunch lady are disqualified from chewing Bubble Tape for seemingly non-gum related reasons. Oh the nostalgia.

Guy puts his phone on a train and sends it through his dad’s Lego town

So. Much. Lego!