Cat vs. Mailman

Place your bets for who wins

Poor guy loses his parachute just before paragliding

Many things can go wrong when you’re paragliding, but this is probably one that you would least expect.

When you get called into work on your day off

This is the standard response.

Which country has the best technology

Technology is advancing at a crazy rate. But which country is leading the way?

Cat Mario 64

It’s a me! Kitty!

Skeleton racer misses her sled

Hard to believe this could actually happen, but here we are.

A chair at the beach

I feel like the man reading the book planted the chair.

Elton John sings an oven manual

Yeah, but can he sing an IKEA assembly guide?

Living room curling is exciting too

All you need is a broom, a robot vacuum cleaner, and a lot of enthusiasm.

Husky pupper is sorry about the muddy mess

…Or is he?