Actress Saoirse Ronan pronounces her name in every interview

She has the Worcestershire of names and is incredibly patient.

Commentators laughing at girls completely ignoring baseball game to take selfies

The game was so exciting that even the commentators were more fixated on the girls…

How Industrial Light And Magic brought creepy Snoke to life in ‘The Last Jedi’

Here’s how he went from guy-in-a-suit to Sith-in-a-bathrobe.

How birds learn to sing

Songbirds have elaborate repertoires they use to attract mates, defend territories and strengthen bonds. How do they learn these complex vocal patterns?

Elderly man making sure his dog won’t get wet

It’s always funny how dogs just seem to accept the shenanigans people involve them in.

Paragliding skier triggers an avalanche, races it down the mountain

Professional Speedrider Maxence Cavalade triggers a huge avalanche during his run on the North-East face of Charvet in Val d’Isère in the French Alps.

Crowd control in Japan

The zombie apocalypse in Japan will be very clean and orderly if this video is anything to go by.

Man finds his birth family

Not only did this guy find his long-lost family, but he also learned that they were all ready to welcome him with open arms in this touching moment.

Launching an entire fireworks display at once

Human error has launched massive barrages of fireworks at the wrong time before. Tom Scott is doing it deliberately!

How to be a man

The idea of manliness has grown indelibly associated with the idea of being cool. We’d be wiser to shift the masculine ideal towards a new idea: warmth.