Insane magic trick with ball

Watch closely

Laughing roosters

I wonder what’s so funny

Ripping out a satellite dish goes wrong

That did not go well  

Bridge building competition

The goal of the competition is to build a bridge that holds three people but breaks when a forth person steps on

Easter egg hunt from a toddler’s point of view

This kid is hunting as if his life depended on it

3 vs. 100 soccer players

3 professional soccer players against 100 kids

Drew Carey messes up a game on “Whose Line” and it’s amazing

On “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” it’s often funnier when they mess up.

Seagull plays cup game, wins every time

Seagulls will do anything for food

Dog singing the blues

I wonder what he’s singing about

Family uses an alligator for gender reveal

Cake may be a popular way to have a baby gender reveal, but this family really thought outside of the swamp for theirs!