Ooh that’s good

Kid drinks from cup and says “ahh”. He must be enjoy that cup of whatever he’s drinking (we’re doubtful it’s coffee).  

Knife juggling

This is terrifying and amazing.

Who is my bestie you ask? Dad of course



This video is an oldie but a goodie… company is coming.

Baby delivers hilarious expression after trying kale

This 6-month-old baby makes some truly hilarious expressions as she tries pear/kale purée baby food.

White girls at brunch

If you are easily offended, go ahead and skip this one. For everyone else, enjoy this hilarious video.

Middle child comes out on top

No mercy.  

Lion King parody

Yes, definitely work safe.

Sun visor spider surprise

If you’re arachnophobe, don’t watch this vid.

Crying over The Office

This woman is crying because she watched an episode of The Office before dental surgery. Hilarious!