Tiger saves zookeeper from leopard attack

So the lesson here: Never turn your back on big cats!

Locomotive gets dropped on delivery

“Honey, how was work today?” “I dropped a train.”

Woman tries to take selfie at gallery, knocks Down $200,000 Worth Of Art

A gallery-goer at LA’s 14th Factory caused a ruckus recently when she crouched to take a selfie in front of an exhibit by artist Simon Burch — and then lost her balance, toppling a whole row of pedestals and reportedly causing $200,000 worth of damage. It’s painful to watch:

Repairman gets stuck inside ATM, pushes out SOS notes through receipt slot

Well here’s a weird one. An ATM repairman in Corpus Christi, Texas, got locked in the room behind an ATM and was forced to feed notes out the receipt slot with messages like “Please help. I’m stuck in here and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss at 210-***-****”

The secret oil patterns on bowling lanes

Turns out to be a good bowler, you not only have to have good form, you also have to read the hidden patterns on the lanes.

Dad with four daughters learns his wife is having another girl, walks outside and gives up

Though this dad’s dreams of a son are dashed yet again, as his wife proudly announces, “five girls never hurt anybody.”

Where the heck are all the aliens?

“The more we learn about the universe. The more strange this Great Silence seems to be.”

Just a pack of happy doggies riding on a motorcycle with their owner

No, this is not safe and could easily end very badly — but, if it’s possible to ignore all of that for just a moment — look at these smiley furballs being all smiley.

Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl party

Relive the famous comeback in Super Bowl LI through the eyes of Peyton Manning.

Husband films his wife relaxing in the ocean, getting wrecked by a rogue wave

“I tried screaming for her to brace herself, but it was too late,” said the husband. Sure dude.