How “kids dance these days”

This grandma’s face is priceless

Hairless cat

Hairless cat sports new hairdo

What to expect when changing a baby

Babies are clever little critters. They’ll do everything in their power to make it as hard as humanly possible for you to change them. Here are some of their secret moves you need to look out for.

Confetti popper backfires on dad

Well that backfired

Fed Ex guy stops to make a shot

Monday Eats!- April 15, 2019 (2)

Kid flosses to “Mama Mia” on the bagpipes

So much awesomeness in one video

Sam Heughan asks kids for dating advice

Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser from Outlander) gets some tips on modern dating from a reliable source: little kids

Cat walks sneakily in plain sight

So sneaky

Woman attempts egg flip

Woman attempts to flip an egg…