The only way to make drone footage more awesome is to make it into a kaleidoscope

This is some “Inception”-level artistry here.  

This generic ad will make millennials buy whatever you’re selling

You’re unique, and no one is going to stop you from achieving your dreams… of spending your money on our great products.

We can’t decide whether this video of Ronald McDonald driving towards the sunset is dumb or really profound

There’s a line between Internet nonsense and art that probes deep into our existential angst, and this video straddles that fine, fine line.

A 66-year old man seeing colour for the first time

These are Enchroma glasses that have colour correcting lenses that help the colourblind see color. This is probably the best birthday present a person can ever receive!

Water-powered trike goes from 0-60 in half a second

Apparently all you need to go super, super fast is some wheels, a frame, and a 35-gallon water tank at 6000 psi:

Pro rips through a knife course

Knife sports are fun because its essentially just destroying stuff with a big, sharp blade (but, you know, skillfully).

Tennis player tricks his opponent with an underhanded serve

This kind of trick shot will only work once in a match when your opponent isn’t expecting it, so you’ve got to nail it when you try it. Check out this beauty!

Finding yourself covered in a pile of sleeping kittens

This man has it made. He gets to head over to his parent’s house to play with their newest litter of foster kittens: all of the cuteness without any of the work.

A T-Rex flyboarding is the coolest thing you’ll see today

On paper, flyboarding while wearing a T-Rex costume sounds kind of nutty, but in practice, it’s absolutely perfect.

Bride and groom destroy their wedding cake trying to be cute

…And then they try to sadly reassemble the sweet scattered debris.