Playing kick to kick with yourself

Woman shows off her incredible foot skills playing kick-to-kick with herself


This dad sums it up perfectly and we can’t stop laughing.  

1982 commercial for Turbo cologne

The most 80’s thing ever created

Dog refuses to have photo taken

Harvey has zero interest in having his photo taken and really expresses it in this clip. We’ve all been there before!

Truck stop workout session

Maybe he’s training for a triathlon?  

Joe “It’s entirely possible” Rogan

Never tell Joe Rogan that something is impossible

How to refuel without scratching your roof

Pulled up on the wrong side of the pump? No problem!

Dog tackles owner

Playful dog tackles owner after being summoned  

Friendly bird

Friendly bird lands on man’s chest and looks for a snack

Magpie fly by

That’s punishment for filming vertically