Undercover arrest goes down

The driver noped out of there mighty quick, which is unfortunate for us as a viewer, but probably a wise idea. Nothing happens after he pulls away, so you can stop watching after.

What if British newscasters just couldn’t switch off that voice?

You know exactly the type of cadence we’re referring to. You wouldn’t want to hear it in everyday settings.

An astonishing illustration of how much faster F1 cars are than other race cars

The F1 car starts a full 40 seconds behind a Mercedes SL63 and 25 seconds behind a V8 Supercar, and still easily catches them before they finish a lap.

When you’ve got a Coke habit

The Summer after 10th grade Mike spent two solid weeks with horrible horrible migraines, dizziness, blind spots and tunnel vision—he didn’t know what it was… This is the story of his Coke Habit.

A 911 call about an escaped elephant

You have to wonder how long the dispatcher thought about hanging up on what they thought was probably a prank call.

How to pet a dog

I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. *face palms*

Janitor finally gets through to a group of high schoolers who were making his job harder.

Just when you thought this was going to become a tear jerker…

Man gobbles at turkeys, turkeys gobble back

There will probably be a turkey uprising one day because of videos like this.

Dave Chappelle’s Baboon story

What a great analogy about why he left behind so much potential money.  

Crafty snowboarder figures out how to tailwhip his board

With a wacky idea, a loose binding and some serious cojones, snowboarder Eiki Helgason pulled off a pretty neat trick.