Robin Williams with Elmo

Sesame Street bloopers with Robin Williams

When you decide to go to band practice straight after the rave

Marching band plays “Better Off Alone” by Alice DJ

Super excited kid literally can’t stop dancing

this little boy can’t contain his happiness as he dances to the music all by himself. Hilarious!

When your voice isn’t high enough

Sometimes your voice just isn’t high enough to hit those notes

Person slips on ice but sticks the landing

Guy slips and finds an elegant way out

Closing time

When it’s closing time…

Friendly parrot tries to engage duck statues in conversation

He just wants to dance!

Little kid eating all the ham

This kid has figured out how to get into the fridge

Family dog is seriously unimpressed with new head gear

This dog isn’t very impressed  


Trampoline athletes do crazy tricks