What’s it like to be a dog?

Do dogs really only see in black and white? How does your dog see the world?

Audience reaction to a bass solo didn’t go as expected

The one cow in the middle looked like it was giving it a chance, then said “Naw, this ain’t for me” Trombone playing has the opposite effect.

This guy rickrolled his friends wedding

I’m just imagining all of the parents and grandparents. “Why is everyone laughing, it’s beautiful”

What happens in the moments between a montage

Two guys follow a lead to prepare for the heist.

This is possibly the worst 10 seconds of soccer ever

Lithuanian club Gintra Universitetas ​faced off against Barcelona in the UEFA Women’s Champions League today and got crushed, 6-0. But Gintra had a golden opportunity to pull a goal back when they were down 3-0, thanks to a terrible error from Barcelona’s goalkeeper. Unfortunately for Gintra, the goalkeeper’s error was quickly upstaged. Oof! Could this […]

Dana Carvey imagines John Lennon from heaven asking Paul McCartney about Kanye West

No doubt Lennon would have loved Kanye.

Students trying to move a dresser down a floor goes as you would expect

In theory, mattresses should absorb the impact, right?

Impressive Dad reflexes

Being a parent gives you special powers, like a spidey-sense for when your kid is about to fall.

Barack Obama got summoned for jury duty

This has got to be the happiest anyone’s ever looked while reporting for jury duty.

Superman caught on tape

Aaaaaaand Clark Kent is busted.