Little girl plays accordion for cows

Well that’s one way to herd cattle..

Drunk guy on endless escalator

This guy is going places

Owner teaches dog the best trick ever

This is why we call them “man’s best friend”

Wave rolls under a frozen lake

As far as we understand, the wake from a big cargo ship flowed under the ice, breaking it into isolated chunks. We also didn’t realize that this was a thing before now…

Wanda Robson sees Canada’s new $10 note featuring her sister for the first time

Viola Desmond’s sister, Wanda Robson, a sneak peek at the new Canadian $10 note that was unveiled this past week.

Two Police helicopters hit rotors, completely destroying both machines on the ground

The guy standing outside the helicopter is one tough son of a gun. He gets slammed to the ground, then hit with rotors… Pops up, runs a safe distance, then immeditaly grabs the fire suppression equipment and goes to work.

This much will kill you

A lot of things can kill you – but here are some surprising ones.

Check out this monstrosity of a super car

The S1 is made by Bulgarian company Sin Cars, which is fitting because this thing is ugly as sin.

Police academy recruits must try not to laugh to pass the “chicken test”

Among the many exercises to test police recruits, the Indiana University Police Academy uses “the Chicken Test” to gauge a cadet’s demeanor. The test is to see if the cadet can remain focused. If they fail, their “punishment” is to hold the plank position.

Everything you hate encapsulated in 60 seconds

Resist the urge to punch your monitor.