A frustrated Bill Nye answers Twitter users’ dumb science questions

Well, okay, some of them are thoughtful … but not many.

Beer guy at New York Mets game takes a rocket line drive to the jewels

You have to respect this guy’s composure though. Held onto the cooler and toughed it out pretty well.   Mets Beer Guy gets rocked in the nuts with a foul ball pic.twitter.com/tT2DMLupiC — Alex B. (@KnicksCentral) April 19, 2017

This is the strangest convertible rooftop we’ve ever seen

Honda CRX del Sols come equipped with a “transtop” roof, a mechanism so unique that we are utterly confounded and don’t know what to feel.

Goat parkour is a thing

These goats will put teenagers everywhere to shame.

Tips on how to survive Coachella

If you ever get FOMO (“Fear of missing out”), this video should help.

Beagle plays the piano and sings the blues

You can hear the emotion in his voice. Such a touching performance.

This Italian bank accepts wheels of parmesan cheese as collateral for loans

The bank uses a special cheese warehouse — basically a cheese vault — to store millions of dollars worth of cheese.

Man fixes a traffic light with a stick

Little did he know that was a load-bearing stick

A skinless Tickle-Me-Elmo being tickled is horrifying

There are no words to describe this. Actually, one: NOPE.   Ever wondered what #ticklemeElmo looks like without fur ? #tinkering #takeapart @SciTechMuseum #summercamp #mymuseum2017 pic.twitter.com/w6sPwQfnJh — #ScienceMobile (@ScienceMobileEN) April 12, 2017

This dog interrupted a soccer match and no one got mad because he is so darn happy

Deportivo Táchira F.C. and Pumas UNAM were playing a soccer game. It was an OK game, but then a very good dog ran onto the field and things got a whole lot better.   Se nos metió otro jugador al partido de @dvotachira vs @pumasmx en la #LibertadoresEnFD 🐶https://t.co/nPtdOeTxcW — FOX Deportes (@FOXDeportes) April 27, 2016