When campus police get wind of a “real” crime…

And that’s how tuition went up for next semester.

Train blasts through snow drifts at station, destroys everyone on the platform

It was pretty easy to see this coming, but the people on the platform seem oddly unconcerned? And in case you were wondering, here it is in real time:

Bat flips are so last season

Are bat flips passé? The Seattle Mariners apparently think so. The team unveiled a series of preseason commercials on Wednesday, and one of those ads poked fun at the bat-flipping tradition.   Bat flips are so last season. It’s time for something new. pic.twitter.com/NLbhCiNlYh — Mariners (@Mariners) March 15, 2017

Why are people superstitious? (or even just a little -stitious)

You might guffaw at an apartment building that skips the 13th floor, but there are a tremendous number of people who consider the number unlucky. Where do these strange beliefs come from and why are they so widespread?

Dirt bikes cannot travel THROUGH dirt

But, uh, good try bud?

What happens when you leave a tether ball in the forest

An angry ram can’t resist a good ramming session.

Putting out a scrap yard fire with an excavator looks like an exceptionally awesome job

“So, yeah, you’re just gonna want to grab big hunks of burning scrap and hurl them into this water over here. Sound good?”  

Winner of the European yoyo contest. Absolutely insane!

I have a feeling I have no real appreciation for how hard that was.

Man hacks Alexa to speak out of a skull

Just in case you have a skull or some other creepy thing laying around the house, the directions for Project Yorick are documented on kackster.io so you too can create your very own creepy AF Alexa.

Cape Town cycle tour cancelled

Really, they didn’t have to cancel this bike race. They should’ve just started at the finish and finished at the start. Problem solved.