Paw licking fail

Neutered cat tries to lick his paw with a cone on  

Dad wears short shorts

Dad wears short shorts to prove a point to his teenage daughter

Guy dunks basketball over principal father on Grad Day

Nice shot!

Playing pup finds fun in a fountain

The happiest pup in all the land! A golden retriever playing in the water fountains will brighten your day

Trucker gives new driver a hard time

Just a driver having a hard time learning how to drive a standard transmission. *Warning: trucker language*  

Dude doesn’t need to be in the club

A man dancing outside of the club.

Table dancing disaster

Drunk guy tries to dance on a table and destroys everything.

Hot dog keeps cool

This dog knows how to stay cool. “Close the door!”

Guy helps rattlesnake

Guy has a conversation with a snake

Hide and seek

Little girl tries so hard to find her dad during hide and seek