Puppy utterly shocked when kissed goodnight

Those goodnight kisses hit different. Just see for yourself!

Chef Kobe makes Fettuccini Alfredo

Dog scared of floorboard finds genius solution

Daisy is scared to walk across the wood floors in our house. She found out a unique solution to her problem.

A perfect fit

This is why you measure more than once.

Parrot plays peek-a-boo

Parrot plays peek-a-boo with the neighbour’s cat.


Cat sticks her whole face into food.

Dog says “sorry” to his brother

Dog hugs his brother to apologize after eating his treat.

Baby girl dances in mom’s arms

Someone is very happy.

Jack discovers a hilarious book

There is nothing better than a baby’s giggle.

Thanks a lot Rachel

An oldie but a goodie. Thanks a lot, Rachel.