Deer break in

Cat slips on wet floor while chasing his shadow

Too cute!

Baby imitating mom’s laugh

This little guy thinks imitating mom is the funniest thing!

Dog plays some piano in his dog bed


Deliver guy cools himself down with sprinklers

Some wholesome content to start your Friday afternoon.

Bearded dragon duped into diet

This hungry bearded dragon is tricked into eating more plants for his diet.

Cat loves owner’s piano playing, requests to cuddle with him

Bean the cat is loving this performance by his owner. Check out that adorable request for a hug!

ABC News anchor has laughing attack on air over CPR baby

ABC News morning anchor Amanda Sanchez can’t stop laughing on air.

Cat door or tortoise door?

Hermes the Sulcata Tortoise wants to use the new cat door. Aww he’s too big!

Bored kitty plays with ball