Corgi tries to get friend to play

Not every dog is down for playtime

Everything about this slide is big

She flies like a boss

Careful with grandpa, he’s got those tricks

That’s some underhanded stuff right there

Cameraman catches foul ball

Doesn’t even flinch

Dog turns water bowl into personal pool

Hey, you gotta stay cool somehow

Low-speed pursuit

A 17 year old young man was pulled over in Summerville for driving around in a Walmart mobility cart on main street.

Nose piercing Tarzan scream

Queen of the jungle getsĀ her nose pierced  

Chicken wedding

Will you take me as your lawfully wedded chicken?

Behold the human selfie stick

It’s obvious who calls the shots in their relationship

Two dudes accidentally create the Mario theme while playing ping- pong

We heard it.. did you?