How to refuel without scratching your roof

Pulled up on the wrong side of the pump? No problem!

Dog tackles owner

Playful dog tackles owner after being summoned  

Friendly bird

Friendly bird lands on man’s chest and looks for a snack

Magpie fly by

That’s punishment for filming vertically

8 year old wins crowd over in dance-off

During a dance party, 8-year-old Ryan Starr stepped up and totally caught the crowd by surprise!

Seagull goes shopping

“Just browsing, thanks”

Kid vs. trashcan

This fight is insanely one-sided

Sleepy student confuses chair for backpack

We’ve all been there, kid

Men efficiently load truck

That’s how you load a truck like a pro

“We gotta make some beef!”

This must be Bill Burr’s long lost brother