Self driving pizza delivery car

Ever had a robot deliver your pizza?

Kids (very different) reactions to mom being pregnant with twins

Looks like they all have their own feelings on the matter!

“I haven’t watched it yet, but…”

If your friends have ever told you to watch a TV show, you know this feeling…

Guy proposes to girlfriend while she’s streaming

Well that’s cute

Bird in need of cuddles

” Pet meeeeeee!”  

Worst karaoke ever? Or best?

This guy showed up to a karaoke bar to sing “Tequila”

Disaster strikes when “Jeopardy” contestants get video game category

The video game category on this episode of Jeopardy had these contestants wishing they could use an extra life.

Lightning fast dog runs 30 MPH

So… this dog is kind of fast

Hilary Stories- A Bad Lip Reading

Hilary Clinton shares some personal stories about her life

Band uses car alarm as a metronome in their music video

Too Many Zoos have gone viral in the past for their energetic sets in the NYC subway. Now, with a lot more production value and some help from a car alarm, they’ve never sounded better.