Reporter nails handshake

Live news reports rarely go this smoothly.

Dog scales fence

No fence can hold this pooch!

Grandpa diving at 102 years old

A great way to spend a birthday

Worst possible time to get on the elevator

This guy picked the wrong elevator

Border Collie trips owner during workout

You can run but your dog may not let you stay vertical

They call this the “oh god, a bee!” workout

Or training for a “duck, duck, goose” championship?

The ultimate Rick Roll made entirely of movie scenes

It took 169 movies to make this… and it’s awesome  

Kids can’t work a rotary phone

It’s funny that the confusing part is picking up the receiver


We had no clue what a “boomwhacker” was but this is impressive!

Vortex sends festival tents flying

Those tents were so into the music, they couldn’t help but get up and dance.