Nose piercing Tarzan scream

Queen of the jungle getsĀ her nose pierced  

Chicken wedding

Will you take me as your lawfully wedded chicken?

Behold the human selfie stick

It’s obvious who calls the shots in their relationship

Two dudes accidentally create the Mario theme while playing ping- pong

We heard it.. did you?

They call them dinnie stones

The call them dinnie stones and she’s the second woman to ever lift them. That’s a lot of weight..    

Impressive one-handed baseball bat catch

Flying bat at a baseball game

Parrot tells cockatiel it’s cute, asks for kiss

Marnie, a blue Indian Ringneck parrot, loves talking to this cockatiel. He says, “Hello” and “You’re so cute!” several times. Later he demands, “Give me a kiss!” After leaning in and making a kissing noise, he exclaims, “Wheeeeeee!”

Babbel presents: An alien abroad

This is brilliant

Ducktales Donald Duck gets help to talk

A preview of things to come to Duckburg

Winter means nothing to this man and his selfies

Never too cold to put the muscles away