Corn chips are good, tooth chips aren’t

Was that even real?

Everyone’s favourite order from McDonalds

It’s the little things that make you smile

Father vs. daughter beatboxing

Who won?

This kid does his part very seriously

They gave this kid a job and he’s doing it

“Harry Potter” homecoming assembly

It’s the Harry Potter homecoming dance groove

Incredible straw beatboxing at McDonald’s

This guy out here playing gigs at McDonald’s

Drunk uncle impression

Nobody beats Dick Van Dyke when it comes to making people laugh with his physicality.

Guy really wants a job at Netflix

This is a pretty solid application

Africa by Toto on boomwhackers

HarvardTHUD group plays the eternal banger “Africa” by Toto ¬†on percussion tubes

The most awkward moment in television history

Get ready to cringe with this clip