Babbel presents: An alien abroad

This is brilliant

Ducktales Donald Duck gets help to talk

A preview of things to come to Duckburg

Winter means nothing to this man and his selfies

Never too cold to put the muscles away

Herding sheep from above

They look like grains of rice  

Adorable rant from toddler in time-out

Three year old is put in time out and is vocal about how she feels about it

Hidden booze binoculars

Go ahead, take my money

Little boy drops watermelon

“Mom! Start the car!”  

Taking a break from work to catch some waves

Working? If you can’t get to the beach, just bring the beach to you.    

Keanu Reeves watches his 1980s Coca-Cola commercial

James asks Keanu Reeves about his 1980s Coca-Cola commercial and learns that Keanu went rather method, shaving his legs for the big role, and James surprises Keanu by rolling the clip.

3 song mashup

The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake mashup