Older brother prank

This will only make his little sister tougher in the long run

Labradoodle cannot deal with her reflection

Try not to panic here…

Jeopardy deducts money from contestant – “Gangsta’s Paradise” not “Gangster’s Paradise”

Not coolio Alex. Not at all.

No Asians

For the kids. In the old days we called up and spoke to someone at the newspaper to put an ad in.

Absurd golf trick shot

Just hitting a golf ball straight off a tee is a struggle for us, so this is blowing our minds! A post shared by Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty) on Jan 2, 2018 at 2:23pm PST

Doggo caught having a late night snack


The cold doesn’t bother everyone

This guy was that one kid at school who always wore shorts in the winter and said “it isn’t that cold out”.

Lone dancing guy at music festival starts a dancing party

The real hero here is the first person to join in

Grandma picks up a guitar at a music show…

Paula Jo Taylor is a professional musician and self-proclaimed “viral granny guitarist.”

Taking rock climbing to another level

Rock climbing too easy? Why not throw in a little element of a three-legged race into the mix?