Whale soaks sight seeing boat

Whales probably think this is hilarious

How do you transport a swimming pool? Not like this

Who could have predicted this? Literally everybody.

Russian kid plays accordion while his sister dances

This short snippet is endlessly charming.

Ship horn on a lifted truck

Guaranteed to get everyone’s attention, this is what happens when you put the horn from a ship on your truck

Being a cameraman is hard

Cameramen must remain still… no matter the cost.

Surfer rides record-setting wave

We’ll stick to our boogie boards, thanks

King of Wings commercial- “Shake it grandma!”

This is a real commercial that aired in Louisiana

Of course Vader plays guitar

He’s the most metal guy in the galaxy  

Aggressive swan takes out sign

The sign is true and he’s trying to hide the evidence

Middle school Weezer cover goes horribly wrong

So rock and roll