10,000th shopper gets parade

Dutch shoplifter gets a parade after getting caught  

Dog running with scissors

Dog gets ahold of scissors, hilarity ensues

The scooters are taking over in Taiwan

That’s a lot of scooters

When you only know a few words in Spanish

Before he became Childish Gambino, Donald Glover was laying down some sick raps on “Community.”

A ridiculous amount of pollen

A ridiculous amount of pollen comes out of this tree with the slightest tap

Guy gets called out for filming in portrait mode

Just a friendly reminder that filming in portrait mode is never okay.

Watch an 11- hour flight in 4 minutes

This 11-hour flight is just as beautiful when sped up to be just four minutes long

Boston Dynamics latest robot

Who’s scared? We’re not scared. Definitely not…

Husky puppy attempts first howl

Testing out the new pipes. WARNING: adorable

“Community” version of Toto’s ‘Africa’

No, this song will never get old.Especially with versions starring Betty White