1991 Taco Bell commercial: Hammer Time at Taco Bell

MC Hammer flies down for some tacos at Taco Bell. Early nineties GOLD

The world watches as raccoon climbs up the side of 24 floor office building

The most historic summit to be reached that day

Cow asks man to rescue her newborn calf

Dave, whoever you are… you’re awesome

You’ve seen beatboxing, but check out these twins

It’s a non-stop dance party with these two  

Pitcher hugs friend after striking him out

This ball hit us right in the FEELS.

Dogs make the best cameramen

Skateboarding from a dog’s point of view

A day in the life of a Star Trek IT guy

A short showing the reality of being an IT guy aboard the Star Trek’s USS Enterprise.

Reporter delivers weather report while solving Rubik’s cube

That’s a multi- talented weather girl

8 year old is a pro drummer

She makes this look so effortless

“The NBA” – A Bad Lip Reading

A look back at some moments from the 2017-18 NBA season.. these will never get old.