Trying to follow a GPS in Brazil

Which street was that again?

28 years ago, the greatest cliffhanger in television history aired

Star Trek: The Next Generation left fans with one of the most nail-biting cliffhangers in TV history.

Dog gets caught playing in the pool

He doesn’t look guilty at all  

Contender for the greatest lip sync ever

How does he do that?

Space force autotune

The Space Force springs into action to defend the largest war-fighting domain in the galaxy

Baby tries spinach for the first time and thinks it’s hilarious

Check out this baby’s reaction to tasting spinach for the very first time. We all feel the same way little babe!

Sleepy bus ride

This guy was full-on passed out

Dog and baby play chase together

This dog would make a good babysitter

A Honda pulls a Mack truck

Beep beep!

Man does push-ups on two fingers

This is awesome but we love ice cream