Gecko’s gonna eat your camera

He don’t even care

Kung Fu Panda extras- Hand made noodles

Alton Brown introduces Danny Yip, Executive Pasta Chef at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, who demonstrates how a master makes noodles by hand. Amazing!

Toppling 1377 plastic pallet dominoes world record set

Someone is going to have to clean that up!

Beagle vs. Scat Mats

These mats will stop any pet from accessing an area you place them in… unless you own a Beagle

Fishing pole prank


Husky falls for magic trick

We can tell exactly what this confused pupper is thinking

Antique pencil sharpener

Kids these days will never know….

Monkey rides motorcycle

Some people let Jesus take the wheel, some do this

Parrot loves bacon pancakes

This sounds delicious and will now be stuck in your head

Mortal Kombat theme a cappella

Is it too much to ask for a mod with this kid’s theme song cover? Heck, I bet he’d do a good job covering all the character voices, too.