Dogs let themselves out for a run

You can’t contain dogs with a fence this weak

Construction worker does a whole lot of nothing

We’re not sure what’s worse- the epic fail of the excavator operator or the shaky recording

Hands free cruising

This can never end badly

Man unknowingly films the last few moments of an otherwise happy life

This dude’s wife is ruining his shot of bikini chicks

Seth Rogan reads dramatic dad texts

Seth Rogen and Jimmy dramatically read text exchanges between dads and their kids

The Honking Tunnel

One of LA’s numerous traffic bottlenecks hosts a spontaneously emergent game.

How to reduce the volume of doggie barking


Frank Welker doing the voice over of a lion roaring for The Lion King

Voice acting has got to be one of the most awkward jobs ever

Sometimes you just can’t explain a crime

“He stole my soap!”

Baby can’t say the word “happiness”

Some babies need more time to master the simple words