Seals do not mess around when it comes to hunting food

Seal hunts for food on a shallow beach

Touching sound wave tattoo

This is such a neat idea

What happens just before showtime at the Met opera

Offstage, these incredibly talented dancers and musicians are a lot like us

Elevator weatherman prank

This prank┬ácan’t help but put a smile on everyone’s face

Meerkats are so used to humans that they consider them part of the landscape

“Hm, this sure is an oddly shaped rock…”

Friends theme song in a minor key

Playing the “Friends” theme song from a major to a minor key. Also changing the lyrics a touch  

It’s not dumb if it works

Now that’s thinking outside the box… or, rather, thinking outside the car

Grandfather to granddaughter first salute

A time-honored tradition, this young woman decided to share her first salute with her grandfather.

These guys sent garlic bread to the edge of space, then ate it

Launching garlic bread into space just to see if it’ll taste any different

The Rock drops a big surprise on high school student who asked him to prom

It’s little things like this that make Dwayne Johnson the best.