Norfolk Police Department lip sync battle (all one take)

Can you believe they filmed the entire thing in one take?

Dog jumps for joy after getting frozen waffle

Have you ever been so happy about a waffle that you forgot to eat the waffle?

Hilarious Sonic 2 commercial from 1992

*Wiener dog sweater sold separately*  

CEO of drone company uses drone to TP his coworker’s house

Sure, drones can be used for all kinds of noble purposes, but they can also be used for some pretty sweet pranks.

“Where the hell are you” prank

Simple pranks like these are our favourite

The Flintstones visit the Grand Canyon

This joke may have gone over a lot of kids’ heads at the time.

Montana man strolls down street with horses and a dog

The boss has arrived

Cute baby says “oh no” after sneezing

It’s hard not to love this

Sparkler mishap

Great balls of fire…

T-Rex runs down mountain

We’re just really happy he didn’t trip