I wonder what what said to have that kind of reaction…

Working from home

It’s tough to work from home when you have such an adorable desk mate.

Annoying toy won’t stop this pup from taking a nap

This doggy just can’t be bothered anymore by a robotic toy. So funny!

Five minute purple lipstick makeover

Things are going well for this family…

Magician magic

Magician makes roll of toilet paper appear.

Complimentary pun

Guy compliments man’s shoes using his name to make pun. Classic.



Mint Mobile voicemails

Ryan Reynolds left a voicemail letting every customer know they are extending their free data package. Some of them called back, and…

The quarantine life starting to affect this little girl

We’re all right there with you! Too funny!

Shiba’s first Pupaccino

I think this puppy loves it.