What Ed Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones felt like…

This felt very forced for some, and here’s why:

This kids bike race is a great example of why you should never celebrate a victory prematurely

Just when you thought watching a video of kids competing with each other on tiny little bikes couldn’t get any cuter, the frontrunner of the race — a boy in a green helmet — decides as he’s approaching the finishing line that he’d rather stay on the tracks than finish the race and makes a […]

Why UPS trucks rarely make left turns

Perhaps we’re out of the loop, but we had no idea the shipping giant had this seemingly strange policy.

A rad bartending trick that could go so wrong in so many ways

This much effort all for some Jäger Bombs? These thirsty patrons better leave a nice tip.

The behind-the-scenes footage of ‘The Last Jedi’ has us REALLY pumped now

And it also makes us miss Carrie Fisher so much that it hurts. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be in theaters on December 15.

Dog snores like a cartoon character

Kirk the Bulldog snores exactly how you see in cartoons!

Tennis player Kim Clijsters has Wimbledon spectator face her in the tennis court

When a young man suggested to Clijsters that she give her opponent a body swerve, she asked him to come on down to the court and face her swerve himself. Of course, he’d have to don the required tennis skirt first.

Trey Parker explains why Minions are popular

Using sound to create a reaction…this from the same man who invented the brown note. He knows what he’s talking about.

Riding your racing bike onto a beach is a bad idea

We’re not sure how these guys convinced their friend to try this, but he’s a good sport. Oh, and minor NSFW language warning. A post shared by Kookslams (@kookslams) on Jul 12, 2017 at 7:55pm PDT

Nephew’s new girlfriend meets the uncle.

Nothing beats young love.