Dogs can’t figure out photo timer

These three Shiba Inu lined them themselves up as if they were taking a perfect family photo, but when the photo timer doesn’t go off, one of the dogs goes up to the camera to make sure it is turned on.

Squeezy lime tantrum

“We found two old squeezy limes in the fridge, and our twin one-year-old girls seemed to want them. But we needed to clean them out. Patience is not a virtue found in one-year-olds”.

Little boy fakes swing injury

Funny baby crying “LET IT GO”

Bumblebees yes, Frozen no.

Dad pranks 3 year old daughter with makeup

Someone is NOT impressed.

More belly rubs!

This adorable Golden just wants more belly rubs.

Kitty clings to doorknob to be let in

This cat wants in the house NOW.

Boy snitches on sister when mom threatens to take away gaming system

“I didn’t know she was gonna take away my ps5!”

Little girl makes up funny excuses to avoid going for a walk

Well.. that’s good reasoning.

Boomer the Bulldog says sorry