The man who paints the world’s best ski trail maps

If you’ve ever gone skiing, the work of Jim Niehues has most likely guided you on the slopes.

Brave/Dumb golfer messes with a gator

Granted, the gator wasn’t one of Florida’s mega-gators, but still — we’d probably avoid messing with any animal that could rip our arm off if it were so inclined. But golfer Cody Gribble does what he wants.

Russell Westbrook with the potential NBA play of the year

From this distance, no one should be able to make such an amazing pass, unless you’re Russell Westbrook!

Bean: The Ultimate Psychopath Movie Trailer

Mr Bean, as the horror film it was meant to be.

Lion cubs trying to roar like their father

The cubs still have some work to do yet…

Basic computer stuff is the one thing this secret agent can’t handle

Just because you’re the brawn of the operation doesn’t mean a little computer science background won’t do you some good.

Raising a kid is like having your own biggest fan

“My dad can shovel snow better than your dad.”

Where are the hardest places to travel to in the world?

Thanks to air travel, most places in the world take a day and a half to reach, at maximum. However, there are still a few remote locations that are so hard to get to, it might take you weeks or even months.

Newly declassified test footage shows the amazing power of a nuclear blast

The US government just declassified some old nuclear test videos. This one, in particular, is a bit different from the usual mushroom cloud view, and it’s really quite something.

If “Real People” commercials were real life

As annoying as these commercials are, Mahk really adds some honesty that we’ve all been yelling at our TV’s.