This baby is a lazy genius

This baby has decided to skip walking altogether and get an automated vehicle.

Male gorilla casually swipes left when shown pictures of female gorillas

One could call this Bumble in the Jungle? Yes?

Rifle inspection level – expert

We’re still trying to decipher whether or not they’re actually just robots.

Company signs up for a $1000/year subscription-based water cooler, employee makes a review video

There seems to be an incessant need to make everything smart technology. Just don’t.

Baby drops everything the moment Jeopardy comes on TV

Alex Trebek’s future replacement host right here.

Sweden qualify for the World Cup, destroy on-field TV set

Sweden sent shockwaves through world soccer on Monday by beating Italy in their World Cup qualifying playoff, securing a berth for themselves and knocking Italy out of the competition for the first time in decades. They were a little psyched about it: The Sweden side crash Eurosport’s pitch-side studio as they celebrate going to the […]

Dog reunites with owner after 3 years and loses its mind

“Who are you, stranger? Hey, you smell kinda familiar. Wait, holy cow!”

High school football team pulls off insane last minute comeback

The Patriots’ Super Bowl comeback against ​the Falcons may be the stuff of legend, but Maple Grove’s comeback against Saint-Michael Albertville in the Minnesota Class 6A state semifinal makes it look quaint by comparison. To set the scene: Maple Grove, down 27-10 with 59 seconds left, has a 4th and 17 and needs to get the […]

There is no better sense of happiness than being covered head-to-toe in Border Collie puppies

Matt decided to stop fighting and surrender himself to the will of fifteen smothering puppers.

The worlds largest propeller plane is massive!

The Antonov 22 is one of the most unique airplanes we’ve ever seen.