Go ahead and grab it, its only 2200 degrees!

This is the thermal equivalent of holding a bowling-ball pendulum on a long wire right at the tip of your nose, letting go, and not flinching as it swings back toward your face.

Best eBay video description you’ll see all week

I suddenly need a vocoder.

Crazy footage shows huge water torrent racing downhill after dam construction fails

Construction workers for the Nam Ao Hydropower Project in Laos were forced to run for higher ground after the dam they were constructing failed, releasing a huge torrent of water. And in case you’re wondering, no one was hurt.

Kicker makes field goal after kick is blocked

Clutch kick for that final second 37-0 score.

Intense emergency landing

This pilot made a very impressive emergency landing, but seeing him holding his phone like that over the water gives me more anxiety than the emergency landing.

The Boise State kicking tee returner is a confirmed 10/10 good boy

Ok, maybe a 9/10 for the fumble

Three guys on a merry-go-round powered by a scooter. what could go wrong?

We applaud them for wearing helmets for this one, but was this really a good idea to start with?

English Cricket fans offer an Australian player a nibble from his cheeseboard

What do you expect? This is from a sport that breaks for afternoon tea.

Independence Day: A Star Wars Story

Captain Steven Hiller and David Levinson have to save the galaxy from the Empire’s world-destroying battle-station.

These sumo bots are probably the most intense thing you’ll see today

Roombas are getting crazy.