Dad pulls off mind-blowing trick shot for his son

Check out this dynamic duo pull off an incredible trick shot. No way!

Two guys rub feet to create static electricity

Her: “He’s probably out cheating”. Him:

Guy breaks a pole and a mirror while dancing

Well, it looked good up until the grand finale.

Parrot paper shredder

Bye-bye parking violation.

Amazon delivery driver

Amazon delivery driver dances with delight for basket of treats at door.

Ya hungry?

Every time owner asks if she’s hungry, she answers!

Jurassic Park theme song (melodica rendition)

This is why the internet was created…

Howling at a firetruck

Great Dane wakes up to howl at a firetruck.

Rabbit espionage

Bunny hanging out, pretending to be one of the stuffed animals.

Yoga ball fail