Asking Siri strange questions in public

Ah, good, wholesome pranks where no one gets hurt. Like a breath of fresh air.

Guy dunks over a car, blows Shaq’s mind

Jordan Kilgannon’s dunk is something else, but we’re just here for Shaq turning away in pure disbelief.

Cop called in to break up noisy rock show, plays the drums instead

Not only did this Canadian policeman play along with the band instead of breaking up the party, he also offered up some heartwarming advice for the aspiring rockers — never let the haters stop you.

To get a sense of how fast Maglev trains travel, watch this

This video of two high-speed trains passing each other in Shanghai provides a visceral sense of what traveling at 268 miles per hour feels like.

This is how you tow truck

This is why you should always chain your car to the fire hydrant that you’re blocking.

Playing Red Hot Chili Peppers with a red hot chili pepper as a pick is silly… but funky

Who knew that a pepper could work well as a pick and give you nice snare sounds? We certainly didn’t.

Boxer shows off some unreal hand-eye coordination

You know that game where you try to hit a ball attached to a paddle by an elastic string? What Vasyl Lomachenko is doing here is like that, but a lot harder.

BBC reporter tries to push woman away, accidentally gropes her

When a woman interrupted his interview, BBC reporter Ben Brown tried to gently push her out of frame but ended up touching her breast.   Bit of a boob by Ben Brown…. — Jason Farrington (@CameramanJase) May 16, 2017

Golden retriever imitates siren

They could put this dog on top of a firetruck or ambulance.

Just some rad basketball juggling trick shots, no big deal

We do not want to know how many takes it took to make this video.