Baby has the most infectious laugh

Baby laughing hysterically at pacifier noise

Designing the apartment in “Friends”

John Shaffner takes us through his design of Monica and Rachel’s apartment

Guy lands a sitting backflip

I wonder how many practice runs it took him to perfect this

Awkward Price is Right handshake fail

A cringeworthy moment

Dog eats bean burrito in 1 second

If you blink, you’ll miss it

LeBron James tricks opponents

LeBron James pulls off a pass without even looking

Guy is blown away by his friend’s cardboard plane

Home made cardboard plane actually flies

Woman’s sister is on the new $10 bill

All the feels. Wanda Robson gets a sneak peek of Canada’s new 10 dollar note featuring her sister.  

Cats can twerk

Apparently cats have a twerking button

Logitech Kevin Bacon Commercial

This guy does a VERY good Kevin Bacon impression