Guy attempts trick out of water

Guy tries a handstand and it doesn’t go so well

Home made watermelon slicer

Cutting watermelon this summer is gonna be a breeze!

Ariana Grande sings with Nintendo Labo instruments

Ariana Grande joins Jimmy and The Roots to perform “No Tears Left to Cry” with Nintendo Labo instruments. Each instrument is made from only cardboard and a Nintendo Switch and is being played live.

Burglar busts a move after breaking in

Some smooth moves caught on a security camera.    

Pulling over the chief of police for running a red

This is what happens when you pull over the Chief of Police

This dog is persistant

Third time’s the charm.

This ad for a local retirement community is actually hilarious

This commercial advertises retirement “young at heart” living

New trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody” will rock you

A first look at the new Freddie Mercury movie  

Huskies arguing over food

Instead of fighting, these two huskies just yell at each other

Ryan Reynolds is not known for his subtlety

Ryan Reynolds performs “Tomorrow” from Annie on a Korean TV show dressed as a unicorn