When customers are on the phone

This is just too accurate…

If golf and soccer switched announcers

This is too good

The amazing dog machine

Got a dog with too much energy? You may need this.

This man’s “review” of a sidewalk is beautiful

We need more of this in the world

Uncoordinated dog plays fetch

Hey, not everyone’s an athlete, but he’s probably got a great personality.    

Reporter runs the 40- yard dash vs. NFL players

This is better than we could do

Canadian Bonnie and Clyde Yakety Sax

Clean up on the coffee aisle

Spiderman has got moves

Imagine the spidey- strength this takes  

DIY giant flying paper airplane

Do you like paper airplanes? How about something bigger?

The most epic goat vs. chicken battle you’ll ever see

Baby goat and chicken have a stand off