Cat takes care of a Roomba

This clearly isn’t his first time dealing with a Roomba.

Apprentice pranked into taking wheelbarrow proficiency test

These employees told their apprentice that it was required of him to take a wheelbarrow test around the site.

Space Mountain with the lights on

Space Mountain rollercoaster at Disney World looks a little different with the lights on.

Gymnast performs incredible dance routine

Let’s just say Michael Jackson would be proud of this routine.

Elmo sings Toto “Africa”

Elmo blesses the rains down in Aaaaaafricaaaaaa

Tony Hawk lands the first ever 900

The look on his face when he finally lands it…

Epic cameraman fail turns into a sweet save

You know they are going to talk about this constantly the rest of the time cameraman Chris works there.  

Mesmerizing Pumped Up Kicks dubstep

This guy’s moves are incredible

3D trick shots are old news, try 2D trick shots

That was cooler than it should have been

Kid plays his own arrangement of Adele’s “Rolling in The Deep”

This kid has some serious talent