Watching this guy slide down a 260 foot cable will make your hands all sweaty

No thanks.  

The letter of the alphabet that almost nobody knows how to write

How do you write this enigmatic letter?

Guy jumps really, really high

I wonder how many attempts this took him?

Boyfriend narrates his girlfriend’s life

Guy narrates his girlfriend’s life and it’s hilarious

Roam Robotics exoskeleton

This is a mobile exoskeleton to help to improve endurance, safety, and experience for skiers and snowboarders.  

Have you heard a bear’s purr?

We had no idea baby bears made such adorable noises

Referee makes penalty call in the most hilarious way

Well, that’s one way to put it

How to make a musical horn out of a dandelion stem

In case you ever want to jam out around the campfire but don’t know how to play guitar…

Locomotive creates artificial waves for surfers

This specifically designed locomotive is ingenious

Girl posts a video of her progress learning guitar

Watch this 2 year progress of Rachel self-teaching herself the electric guitar