Puppy prefers Latin music over country

This puppy makes it clear she hates country music  

Throw of the year

Ramon Laureano launches a 321-foot throw to turn down a double play against the Angels

Motorcycle vs. flood

There’s not much difference between a motorcycle and a motorboat, apparently.    

That’s a cameraman who gets into his work

This guy is a professional

2001 weekend weather forecast promo

The weather was different back then  

Fart Machine Dad

A roller coaster of emotions for this young boy. A cute friendly exchange between father quickly escalates into a full blown emotional breakdown of love and affection for each other

Unicorns are notoriously unreliable sailors

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A group of women in Minnesota got stuck in the lake on their unicorn raft.

Superheroes without special effects looks super silly

The power of visual effects continues to allow film makers to push their visions of what superheros are capable of doing but what happens when you take that away?

Would you ride a ferris wheel that made this sound?

Just needs a little WD40

Trying to have a beer while jackhammering

You can have a beer or jackhammer but you can’t have both