Dancing to the Wii theme song

Proof that when you have moves, you can make anything look good

Guy performs a duet with his computer mouse

He should take this mouse on tour with him

NASA tour of the moon in 4K

Treat yourself to a tour of the moon, courtesy of NASA.

This Quizno’s ad will haunt your dreams forever

Yes, this is a real ad that Quizno’s decided to run.

Walmart yodeling kid

Sick of this kid yet? Us either  

Weird Al does an amazing cover of “Rebel Yell”

“Weird” Al is known for his parodies, but he can also rock out a regular cover, too.

Dad gets baby to sleep with boring job

sorry buddy

Swans chasing people at a German castle

Swans can be mean and this is funny

Cats try to pass each other on a narrow piece of door moulding

Two cats are stuck, but there is always a way out

Macaw shushing another bird who’s being too noisy

This talking macaw wants to be the only one heard