Peeping parrot

Wait your turn.    

World’s youngest BMX backflip

He’s six years old and he’s doing backflips on bikes

Goat powered car

I wonder how many goat power that is?  

Batman gets pulled over

Would they write a ticket to Batman or Bruce Wayne?

Solution for aggressive goats

There’s only one way to protect yourself against a headbutty goat

Don’t we all deserve a battery-powered hydrofoil surfboard?

Smooth gliding on the production Lift eFoil in downtown Miami.

The last thing you want to see flying by

Super gross

Humans dressed as sheep in real life is so weird

Proof that you can do something with a theatre degree

Slinky Josh’s best slinky tricks

This man is some kind of a slinky wizard

Bike so user-friendly it practically drives itself

Any bike that doesn’t end in a crash is a win (This is a trained professional. Do not attempt this yourself).