Cat uses the door knocker

I wonder what he’s soliciting?

Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at age 50

This guy is still a legend

Making a piano beat with Siri

You can make a beat out of anything!

Cat jumps over a gang of feline bullies

This looks like an action scene straight out of a martial arts movie  

Guy tries to stay awake on anesthesia as long as possible

Fight all you want, but anesthesia will always win…

Someone put a GoPro into a cannon ball and shot it

A GoPro Hero4 attached to a cannon ball is pretty cool

Orangutan mother meets Steve Erwin

Steve Irwin had a connection to animals that few others will ever experience.

10,000th shopper gets parade

Dutch shoplifter gets a parade after getting caught  

Dog running with scissors

Dog gets ahold of scissors, hilarity ensues

The scooters are taking over in Taiwan

That’s a lot of scooters