Singing girl screams in fear when surprised on camera

The second she sees someone else in the room she totally screams! Hilarious!

Grumpy, hairless cat still not fond of new family member

3-year-old Fink the hairless cat still hasn’t gotten used to Hendrix the Great Dane, though he’s been with them for almost a year now!

Mutual head scratch

Guy makes an insane basket

Bad jump for Brian

Brian’s owner knows he isn’t a great jumper, so they got the camera out and captured this.

Feeding time

Horse excitedly bounces around when he finds out it’s time to eat.

Slip and fail

I’d be swearing, too. Thank goodness for doorbell cams that capture EVERYTHING.

Fearless ferret faceplants

Almost had it, buddy!

The diaper swiper goes for a vacuum thrill ride

Vacuumed and duster in one, hence the diaper swiper! Adorable!

Man struggles with paddle board

There’s no better laughter than at your buddy’s expense.