Truck achieves world record with crazy uphill climbing challenge

Not sure if the climb or drive down is scarier.

Gaining super powers

Toilet x-ray vision would be critical when trying to find a bathroom in a new city.

Kookaburra call

Otherwise known as the sound that you hear in every single movie that takes place in a jungle.

How not to deploy a flash bang

I like to imagine this is a real raid and the bad guys are laughing too. After the video they have a pleasant ride to jail having bonded with their arresters over a goof.

LA’s insane pre-Thanksgiving traffic jam

Los Angeles, California, where the holidays don’t bring about *a little* traffic, but rather the apocalypse on wheels. Aerial footage shows bumper-to-bumper traffic in Los Angeles as Americans get a head start on Thanksgiving travel. — ABC News (@ABC) November 22, 2017

Parking in a tight garage

This is some Mr. Bean level parking. Oh, and click the Closed Captioning button to get english subtitles.

Chill pilot makes textbook emergency landing

Anchor: “I would have done a dance or something.” Most people don’t feel like dancing after they’ve just suffered $75k worth of damage.

Australian politician’s attempt to change subject is the most Australian thing ever

Australian MP Bob Katter isn’t a big fan of gay marriage and opposed the recent referendum in which Australians voted that it should be legalized. The law still needs to be changed by parliament, but Katter wasn’t too keen to discuss that with reporters, instead changing the subject in the most Australian way possible: In […]

Weather Channel cameraman gets blocked by a bus

On Monday, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta was imploded, replaced by the shiny new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. There are lots of good videos of the implosion, but one stream found itself poorly positioned:

That’s not how you launch a canoe

Maybe try kayaking instead.