Rhett and Link get kids to eat their vegetables

How to get kids to eat their veggies  

Little girl tries wasabi

Huge regrets

Dad fools daughter with prank for cheating in Mario Kart

They say “cheaters never prosper,” but we’re glad this one did.

St. Patrick’s day commercial

These irishmen are very excited to wake up on St. Patrick’s day    

Little girl can’t stop dreaming about waffles

I can relate  

GoPro attached to a model train track

I wonder how long this took to build  

Man talks barking puppy to sleep

This 3 month old puppy goes from barking to snoring in 1 minute

Woman surprises husband with pregnancy announcement

Husband gets a surprise when the pilot announces big news over the loudspeaker on their flight  

Creative Beer Commercial

Bar turns into an undercover workplace when the wives are around

Hippos crunching watermelons

Hippos eat watermelons like we eat grapes