Recreating Splash Mountain

These guys get creative for a brother’s bachelor party and make a mock Splash Mountain for him.

Hailey Baldwin can flirt in Portuguese

Hailey Baldwin teaches Matt LeBlanc, James Corden, and William H. Macy how to flirt in Portuguese

When little sister wants to dance

When little sister wants to dance, brothers have to do what brothers have to do.

Hilarious interview with hero surfers

Pure gold

Girl learns to dance in a year

This is impressive  

Sleepy dog unfazed after falling off of couch

Don’t worry buddy, we’ve all been there  

Boys scared of bathroom cockroach

The girls were terrified of a cockroach so the boys went in to get it. To be fair, we would be scared, too.  

Cow-powered ejection seat

At least it wasn’t a bull. *Disclaimer: No person or animals were injured in this video*

Mini fridge beer cannon

Never has someone tried so hard to avoid walking across a room

“Yah, guys”

We all have our routines at work… even reporters.