Star Wars: Anime trailer

We’d watch this in a heartbeat

Kicking football gender reveal goes horribly wrong

Hopefully that kid gets his dad’s mad kicking skills  

13 year old hits home run at SunTrust Park

Don’t say “but it was a metal bat” because, come on. He’s 13!  

Man removes ‘No Parking’ sign so he can park his car

Check out this dude using a ladder and screwdriver to take down a ‘No Parking’ sign in the middle of the night so that he can park his car without any issues. Epic fail  

Yellow spider wraps up meal for later

Warning: Do NOT watch this if you hate spiders  

Stadium Super Trucks is our new favourite sport

Stadium Super Trucks is bonkers and we can’t wait to watch more

Weatherman nails pronunciation of the longest city

This is no easy feat… and it also sounds made up

Deadpool and Spider-man “Shake It Off”

Who knew these two had such awesome choreography skills?

Buggy climbs up vertical cliff

Did we just witness a magic trick? Seems almost impossible

Horse drawn… car?

Nothing to see here