Calf in car wants a bite of corn

Not sure why there is a calf in the car but we aren’t mad about it! This little guy wants a piece of corn.

Full send from sand to sea

Now THAT’S a full send.

Dog in backpack

This dog is living her best life.

If golf and soccer switched announcers

John Crist imagines what it would be like if golf and soccer switched announcers!

A perfect landing

Guy attempts bottle flip and it lands perfectly.

Cat waving at owner

Good morning!

Gopher pops out of hole to give doggy a kiss

Well here is a very unlikely animal friendship. Check it out as a dog watches over a gopher hole in the heartwarming clip. Too cute!

When you’re happy being single

Happiness starts with yourself.

Wanna trade dog beds?

Someone got the short end of the stick here…

An angry little girl posing for a photo

Grin and bare it.