Before you test out your homemade ski jump, make sure you measured everything correctly

A few feet could mean the difference between a smooth landing and, well, this. Oh, and there is probably a NSFW word spoken in this so don’t have your speakers cranked… And in case you’re wondering, from the skiier: “I wanted to build a ski jump over a road on top of Beartooth pass crossing […]

How to wash a car with a baby

Don’t use the actual baby though. They don’t absorb as much water as a sponge.

Ridiculous B-ball shots

You’ll never be as good as these kids

This guy paragliding through canyons at high speeds will make your palms sweat

The control exhibited by speedflyer Joseph Innes is incredible, but what kind of death wish do you have to have to do this?

‘Mad Max,’ but with toddlers

Two incredible parents took their babies to the desert, pimped out their little tikes’ cozy coupes and got to filming.

Big crew of skunks makes guy change his mind about going for an evening walk

It’s a classic tale: Guy goes for a walk. Guy sees skunks. Guy runs back into his house.

Polishing a rusty knife

This is definitely a satisfying knife restoration video to watch…that is, if you’re into that sort of stuff.  

Loki the cat loves to play hide and seek

Now we want to know if Loki can get out.

Youth baseball player makes crazy jump over the catcher to tag home

Pro baseball needs way more acrobatic stuff like this!

Japanese sumo robots move insanely fast!

It’s like watching typewriters fight.