A motion-tracking, guaranteed bullseye dart board is a barfly’s dream

Who needs hand-eye-coordination when you can study engineering and spend a lot of money to get better at darts?

What sorcery is this?

Alejandro Benzaquen and Kevin Lustgarten (the duo is also known as 2venezolanos) are bending reality, but instead of pulling a bunny out of a hat, they use post production to surprise us.

Cliff diving a hair-raisingly thin canyon

We’re not sure if we’re just living supremely dull, unadventurous lives or are avoiding near-death experiences like any other sane human being.

A guitar that doubles as an axe is the best, most unnecessary thing you’ll see today

It’s an axe, and also an “axe.” Do you get it? No? Whatever, there are logs to chop and hot licks to shred.

How a mother would handle “BBC Dad’s” tricky situation

Remember when Robert Kelly was interrupted by his children during a BBC interview? People still can’t get over how hilarious that was, and now New Zealand’s Jono and Ben comedy show has created a parody of the interview, imagining how a mom would’ve handled the situation.

This dog swims the breaststroke instead of a doggy paddle

Apparently some dogs joints do in fact allow them to swim this way

Goalkeeper sprawls for spectacular triple save

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak made three outstanding saves in mere seconds to keep Bayer Leverkusen scoreless in a must-win game.  

If at first you nearly kill yourself on a flubbed snowmobile landing…

…Chug a beer and try, try again.

This 70-foot two-hander will quench your buzzer beater thirst

While this March has been absolute madness, it has also been devoid of a proper buzzer beater. That is, until Maryland’s Destiny Slocum sank this heave from three-quarter court in the NCAA women’s tournament. DESTINY SLOCUM, WE ARE NOT WORTHY #SCtop10 #FearTheTurtle pic.twitter.com/7QVTNmy2cZ — Maryland WBB (@umdwbb) March 19, 2017

Miming done right

When we think of mimes, usually it’s the old pull on a rope or glass wall routine, but this guy actually brings some creativity to the table!