Cockatiel sings Addam’s Family theme song

After listening to his owner sing the Addam’s Family Theme Song countless times around the house, Albus the Cockatiel finally started picking up on the tune and began to sing the catchy tune himself. He even pauses for his owner to participate with the iconic snaps mid-song.

Raccoon in fridge

Raccoon in his natural habitat.

The biggest thrill when you’re a kid

Honk your horn!

Don’t worry, nobody saw it!

Little girl pretends to strike a pose after falling.

Goth knows what he’s doing

Now that’s a man who knows what he’s doing..

Lucky strike

The definition of a (very) lucky strike.

Reel in hair

Fishing with daddy goes awry.

A babbling conversation with dad

Dad and daughter Eryn have a very interesting conversation.

Toddler doesn’t hold back when it comes to Chick-fil-A

14-month-old Brynlee of South Carolina adorably gobbles down a big bite of her dad’s deluxe chicken sandwich.

Kids fall asleep in the weirdest places