Slam dunk

Little kid falls while attempting to slam dunk basketball.

Dog nudges owner to continue petting

This cute dog isn’t done getting attention from their owner, and encourages them to keep the love coming.

Lion dad tries to ditch his kids

Hey, sometimes even lion parents just need a time out.

Baby goats line up to get hugs

Not seen: the alpaca did in fact receive a hug.

Golden Retriever wearing a hoodie attends a zoom class

He’s just trying to get an education.

Dog hides tater tots in his mouth

This clever dog hides nine tater tots in his mouth.  

When your baby lies respectfully

“No, maam.”

Cat hides among pillows

Which one is the real cat?

Dad presenting milk options

Dad acts like a waiter as he presents his baby with milk options. Hilarious!

Kitten tries to drink soda with a straw

The most adorable thing you will see today.