This forklift driver is having a bad day

See? Office jobs aren’t so bad!

Two Alexas giving each other psychotherapy

This is how it begins. In time the answer will be to remove humanity from the equation.

Car spins out during a report on safe driving

Atlanta is dealing with some snow on the roads. Well, it’s trying to.

Doggo loves skateboarding

He may not know what this board is, but he does know that it’s fun!

Landing a plane in 110km/h winds will make you squirm

Storm Friederike is rocking northern Europe right now, but that didn’t stop this plane from trying to land in Düsseldorf.

When your Amish town is frozen over

It turns out doing donuts in a parking lot is universal!

Fisherman is no match for hungry croc

Hungry Croc: 1 – Fisherman: 0

Crazy expensive wedding cake

I think very rich people are just going to keep increasing the cost and complexity of their wedding cakes until the wedding venue is the cake.

Grandma is so over her sisters BS

Grandma ain’t got time for that.

You’re probably having a better day than this forklift operator

Unless your job is “breaking everything you touch,” in which case he’s actually having a better day than you.