Absurdly accurate card thrower slices a flying olive in half

Rick Smith Jr. is a pro card thrower and he does not mess around.

A flying bird’s wings synced to a camera’s frame rate is mind-blowing

Syncing the frame-rate of a camera to things moving in rapid repetitive motion can produce some really cool (and really trippy) results — like with helicopter blades and car wheels. But we haven’t seen the effect with a living creature before, at least not with this cool a result:

This toddler really can’t spell, but she sure is confident she can

Four-year-old Waverly Gwin cannot spell, but don’t tell her that.

Life inside a vending machine

We’ve obtained actual footage of the inside of a vending machine.

How the Carolina Reaper came into existence

So are these peppers used in anything serious other than bragging rights?

What Ed Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones felt like…

This felt very forced for some, and here’s why:

This kids bike race is a great example of why you should never celebrate a victory prematurely

Just when you thought watching a video of kids competing with each other on tiny little bikes couldn’t get any cuter, the frontrunner of the race — a boy in a green helmet — decides as he’s approaching the finishing line that he’d rather stay on the tracks than finish the race and makes a […]

Why UPS trucks rarely make left turns

Perhaps we’re out of the loop, but we had no idea the shipping giant had this seemingly strange policy.

A rad bartending trick that could go so wrong in so many ways

This much effort all for some Jäger Bombs? These thirsty patrons better leave a nice tip.

The behind-the-scenes footage of ‘The Last Jedi’ has us REALLY pumped now

And it also makes us miss Carrie Fisher so much that it hurts. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be in theaters on December 15.