Another ‘If “Real People” Commercials Were Real Life’ Chevy parody

You’d think it would get old after 4 videos, but it doesn’t.

They say any exercise is good exercise

Keep on trying, little buddy.

Sexy bus ad melts kid’s brain, causes him to crash bike

A good advertisement will get you to remember the ad. A great advertisement will get you to remember the product it’s trying to sell. But a truly phenomenal ad might just be a pair of butt cheeks on a bus, if this kid’s reaction is any indication. Världsklass — Anders Forssberg (@andersforssberg) April 24, […]

Insanely committed soccer ref drops into the splits to avoid the ball

Not wanting to interrupt the Iowa Rush championship game, this dedicated referee came up with one creative ducking method.   Always be ready! Best referee crew out there! @ESPNTop @BleacherReport @RushSoccer #WeAreRush #SCtop10 — Iowa Rush Soccer (@IowaRush) April 24, 2017

This musical instrument makes all the horror movie sounds that send a shiver down your spine

This hodgepodge of an instrument consists of bowed metal rules, “a hurdy gurdy-like mechanism,” reverberating strings, metal rods, magnets, trash and “anything at all” that produces an unnerving sound.

Michael Bolton had to get a birthday card

Does this involve The Lonely Island? Unfortunately not. Does it exist to promote tacky e-cards? Yes. Is it still funny? Thankfully, yeah.

“Sorry Dad”

Never apologize for being good at something.

Trying to ignite a nuclear missile with a lighter

In a clip from the TV show Top Gear, James May attempts to ignite a SS-18 Satan nuclear missile with a lighter.

Tour the rare wonders housed in the world’s largest library

The Library of Congress has over 160 million items, including many unusual works like the Guttenberg bible, George Washington’s maps… and a print poster for 50 Cent’s first album.

What it’s like taking pictures of your girlfriend at Coachella

The only thing missing is him forcing her to retake every single photo 3-4 times and then picking the one that looks exactly the same as the first photo.