This real, fully operational hoverboard looks incredible

So far, the only person we’ve seen riding the Flyboard Air — a legit hoverboard/jetpack hybrid — is its inventor, so it may be really difficult to operate. But damn, this thing looks amazing.

The trippy view of a camera directly under a running faucet

Here’s a fun fact: the stream coming out of your kitchen faucet is a more or less hollow tunnel of water.

South Korean politician rolls into the airport like he’s a rockstar

South Korean politician Kim Moo-sung nonchalantly slinging his suitcase in the direction of an aide has gone viral – but opinion is divided if he’s doing it “like a boss” or an “entitled middle-aged man”. Oh, and you just need to watch the first 14 seconds of this video.

A little patch of oil sends about a dozen motorcycle racers into a terrifying slide

This race at Le Mans was called to a halt after this scary pile-up. Looks like the racers might’ve gotten pretty dinged up, but it seems like everybody managed to walk away.

1000 Drummers play Smells Like Teen Spirit

As cool as this is, it must have been unbearably loud in person.

Accidentally playing Linkin Park instead of the Malta National Anthem

During a soccer match they accidentally played Linkin Park instead of the Malta National Anthem much to the amusement of the players.

There’s nothing more majestic than a pack of horses cruising down a highway

Keep left to pass.

If this is happening on your subway car, get right the hell off

Subway performers in New York are largely harmless — even if the “Showtime!” dancers aren’t your favorite, at least they’re usually quite talented and joyful. But then there’s… whatever this is:

From drag racing to just a drag

Always assume a black truck is a cop.

Confidence at its finest

She’s going to be insufferably sarcastic as a teenager.   I hope everyone can have the same confidence in themselves as my 6 year old sister 😂😭 — Kyle Dinsmore (@Dinsmore_Kyle) May 18, 2017