Puppy cools off belly on hot day


Toddler fails at golf swing

Kid takes a swing at golf ball and loses control.

Bicep curl

Bicep curl breaks egg all over son’s face.

Owner creates miniature bar for pet veiled chameleon

Sassy toddler tells dad she wants a boyfriend

Chloe isn’t even 2 years old and already wants a boyfriend. Daddy is in for some trouble with this one!

Daddy he’s my boyfriend

This little girl has a friend who is a boy… daddy doesn’t take it well.

Hilarious laughing baby girl

Our cute daughter laughing at her daddy. Her laugh will make you laugh.

Dealing with noisy upstairs neighbours

First salt and vinegar chip causes strong reaction

“Gave my one and half-year-old son a salt and vinegar chip after he begged for one. His reaction is the best.”

Dizzy cat drools excessively after eating catnip