Horoscope: Jan. 14-20

The urge for change or freedom causes some unpredictable actions or reactions. Schedules are subject to some changes as well. This can affect various levels so check where you stand in all this. Adjust as quickly as possible to avoid destabilization and to shore up security. Powerful leaders take centre stage to calm the waters. […]


Horoscope: Jan. 7-13

OVERVIEW:  Deep thought and scrutiny bring about decisions on complicated matters. Stalled positions need to be able to move forward now. There may be new or revised rules to follow. Adapt to the pecking order without the usual ruffling of feathers, as this won’t affect things long term. Some will be praised or rewarded. Power players […]


Horoscope: Year of the Dog

Predictions for 2018 Year of the Dog… The year is ruled by the numbers 11 and 2 as 2+0+1+8= 11 and reduces to 2. The Year of the Dog begins on Feb. 16 as the Chinese follow a lunar cycle. Their new year begins at sunset following the second new moon after the winter solstice based […]