Horoscope: April 19 – 25

-+*Looks exchanged send a message without having to speak. Let it sink in before going into further detail later on; sometimes silence is golden. Expectations of others need a base in reality now. Game players should put their cards on the table or move on. Water down big ideas to a level of practicality so […]


Horoscope: April 12 – 18

-+*The energy of Mars and Neptune combine to support those who want to do the right thing. Calm, constructive actions will be appreciated even though some still have a chip on their shoulder. If resolution is not possible then be mature and fair with separations or endings. Take the time to do required accounting or […]


Horoscope: April 5 – 11

-+*Power plays become more extreme, pushing the boundaries of manipulation and frustration. Some are forced into positions of compromise, near or far. Strong, competent individuals need to be put in charge if there is any hope for resolution; meeting on neutral ground will be helpful. Those behaving in radical or impulsive ways become triggers for […]


Horoscope: Mar 29 – Apr 4

-+*Deep feelings influence decisions as actions need to be meaningful. Consider the long term benefits for all those involved. Areas of difficulty can be rectified. Restructuring will increase financial gains and security for the long term. Last minute adjustments take the form of a shortcut. Use alternate means of communication to bypass any glitches. Follow […]


Horoscope: March 22 – 28

-+*Stop/go energy creates confusion for those wanting action. Look at the issues surrounding delays or switches of venue. Those in charge should put a plan together that all can live with. Make necessary changes and leave the rest for later. There needs to be adjustments to the direction things are going. Progress is the bottom […]


Horoscope: March 15 – 21

-+*Nervous energy causes sleeplessness. Discuss the issues so there can be some resolution. Avoid taking things personally unless the intent is obvious; then get all the cards on the table. Power struggles boil down to a flexing of egos as some are not being realistic about their real importance in the scheme of things. Cool […]


Horoscope: March 8 – 14

-+*Pick a progressive path to focus energy or aggressive action; it needs to be worth it. Some are being impatient; be as politically correct as possible so any ground gained is not lost. Join forces with those who have similar agendas to share the load and the ultimate benefits. Success will come easier that way. […]


Horoscope: February 22 – 28

-+*Passionate feelings lead to dramatic actions; excitement is a strong motivator. Quick decisions have equally swift follow-through. Make sure it will be worth it as endings are likely. It will be important to reflect on why things happened the way they did; go within. Some will be too stubborn to own up to their part […]


Horoscope: February 15 – 21

-+*Strong words stimulate clarity of focus; take direct action on them. Waiting too long causes a change of course or some confusion. Proper leadership will be important for ultimate success. The new moon midweek is also the beginning of the Year of the Sheep. Trust, Hope and Faith are the keywords. Be more security conscious. […]


Horoscope: February 8 – 14

-+*Intense feelings are a driving force. Abilities to arrive at accurate conclusions are sharpened; assess people or situations. Make emotional choices to stay or go. Weigh the pros and cons for the long term; it has to fit into the grander plan. Decisions need to be made about who will move; don’t grind the details […]