Horoscope: December 21 – 27

Take direct action with people or projects to move them forward; recoveries are possible. Determination is needed; cut deadwood. Crunch the numbers with someone wise in these matters. There is hope for future success. The new moon in Capricorn Sunday creates a more business like atmosphere. Check communications or equipment before signing off on anything. […]


Horoscope: December 14 – 20

Positive words are up-lifting. Join forces in a progressive way. Sometimes a break is needed; do your part. Moves occur; some late, so lock up. Some are stuck in old ideology; being stubborn does not make it right. Look at the past. There are opposing ideas of what is valuable. Allow personal preference into business […]


Horoscope: December 7 – 13

Intuitive prompting motivates early starts Monday. Getting caught up on things puts you ahead of the game. Take the initiative if others don’t hold up their end; it will look good on your record or resume. Allow time for travel or changes of venue. Go over the books in private, keeping details to  yourself or […]


Horoscope: November 30 – December 6

Certain expectations don’t match reality; take off the rose coloured glasses. Take alternate avenues or a new approach. Being organized and focused will overcome delays. Follow a known or secure path. Feeling nervous can evolve into excitement as emotions fluctuate. Stubborn blocks need to be shifted or removed. Replace the old or out of date […]


Horoscope: November 23 – 29

Thoughts and feelings jump back and forth. Try to pin them down into a practical direction; take enough time to weigh any options. Some struggle with control or who holds the power. The situation is larger than expected. Deal making goes on behind the scenes. There are layers to the ultimate leadership; follow protocol. Private […]


Horoscope: November 16 – 22

Neptune moves forward shedding light on secrets or hidden matters; take a second look. Behind the scenes activity shifts focus. Investigations intensify, going to a deeper level. Compare notes encouraging all to get on the same page. Don’t be side tracked by “red herrings”. Authority or responsibility is decided; play your part without ego. Suppress […]


Horoscope: November 9 – 15

Avoid a tendency to go overboard. Curb spending and other excessive behavior. There will be more sales. Control issues escalate Monday with resulting fallout. Some may lose their position or grip; behavior is harsh. Talented negotiators should be put in charge; the right words persuade.  Rely on intuition as a guide. Actions destabilize some situations; […]


Horoscope: November 2 – 8

Adjustments to the pecking order should not be taken personally as it is not intended that way; some are just better at things than others. Seek further education if it will increase opportunities for advancement. Respected individuals take a more public, leadership role; it helps calm some uncertainties. Keep your distance from power struggles to […]


Horoscope: October 26 – November 1

Soul searching will help to define directions or target goals; it has to “feel” right. Dreamy idealism starts the week on a softer note. Do the little things for each other. Consider spiritual or material advancement, keeping a balance. Others are more willing to cooperate. Picking a leader will be easier than expected as the […]


Horoscope: October 19 – 25

Communications do not have the desired depth to be convincing; it’s at the “show me” stage, so hold out for that. Players enjoy the exchange to see what they can get. Follow a stable, emotional path. Get an early start Monday to make worthwhile progress. Take extra care with equipment or anything unstable. Go over […]